Why Singapore Is One Of The Best Countries To Raise Families

Why Singapore Is One Of The Best Countries To Raise Families

Starting a family? Congratulations! Entering parenthood is no simple feat with the countless sleepless nights, stress, and various decisions you’ll have to make as your child grows up. 

From finding the best schools to ensuring their safety, the place where you raise your children will play a significant role as well. If you’re moving to Singapore, especially when you’re in the midst of starting a family or already have young children, it can be a nerve-wracking experience to ensure the best for your child in a foreign country. But with strong economic potential, high safety standards, and quality of living, it’s easy to see why raising a family in Singapore is a good idea after all. 

4 reasons why you should raise your family in Singapore

Over 110,000 expatriates live and work in Singapore. The number of expat families here has risen from 8% in 2010 to 22% in 2018. Ranked 5th as one of the best cities in the Asia Pacific, there are many compelling reasons for families to settle here in Singapore. 

1. Strong safety & security 

Any parent would want to provide their child with a safe and secure environment to grow up in. In fact, 94% of adults feel safe walking alone at night here in Singapore, compared to the global average of 68%. 

What attributes to a safe and secure environment? A high level of safety and security with lowered risks of being crime victims, a strong local police and legal force, and confidence to navigate the environment without the fear of being violated, abused, or hurt in any form. 

Strong safety and security is undeniably essential for the development and growth of children. From being able to walk to and from school to feeling safe in their own homes, Singapore tops both infrastructure and personal security categories. This is judging by the level of police engagement, effectiveness of the criminal system, and disaster management plans, according to The Economist’s 2019 Safe Cities Index

Children who grow up in safe environments are empowered to make better decisions, have good mental health, and live better lives

2. Great educational opportunities

Another key consideration for families would have to be the standards of the education system that their children are enrolled in. A good education is key to a higher quality of life, with more job opportunities in the future being made available. 

Fortunately, Singapore has one of the best rated education systems in the world. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Singapore has consistently been ranked at the top of the list for good education systems in the last decade. How is this so? 

Because education is a building block for economic development here in Singapore, the government has ensured that well-developed schools are built in every neighbourhood. With every neighbourhood articulately planned out, expat families moving here will realise that finding a good school for their children to attend is an easy task. 

3. Economic prosperity 

In order to be able to provide for your family here in Singapore, you will also need a stable job and steady income, both of which are accessible here. 

With over 7000 multinational companies and an extremely low barrier to entry for companies setting up here, the market for new jobs across varied expertise levels are aplenty in Singapore. Many expats move to Singapore for the opportunities available, allowing them to earn better salaries and progress further in their careers. Soon, they come to recognise that it is also one of the best places to raise families too. 

4. Top healthcare system  

Last, but not least, is the accessibility to a high quality healthcare system. Along with safety, no parent would want to find themselves in a situation where their child’s health is compromised due to the lack of adequate medical institutions or services. 

In Singapore, you can have peace of mind that there is a wide range of public and private hospitals ready to provide you with medical aid. While healthcare costs may be higher, the quality of care you receive here is unparalleled in the region. With access to brokers like ourselves, you can insure your children with the necessary life, GP, and hospital insurance plans early on. 

Begin a new life here! 

Moving to Singapore can be a wonderful decision for many expat families. From bountiful economic opportunities to extremely secure neighbourhoods, Singapore is a great location for families with young children. Get a head start by researching all that you need to know, including purchasing the necessary insurance policies that will shelter you and your family here. Let us be a part of your journey!  

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