Why Nutrition Education is Just as Important as Your Career

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Your health and your career go hand in hand. Career driven individuals are faced with many challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle habits when you are constantly overworked and suffering from stress. However, there are also many busy executives and professionals, who have figured out how to manage a successful career along with a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. If you don’t have a good handle on your health, it will quickly start affecting the quality of your life. Being healthy helps you power through the busy work day, keeping you awake and alert so that you can operate at your best. However, if you don’t keep yourself educated about the benefits of good nutrition, your health can quickly fall by the wayside, resulting in unhealthy weight gain and serious chronic diseases.


Lack of nutrition education leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Living a nutritious lifestyle can become a real challenge when we’re faced with easily accessible processed foods, and a lack of time. Many other unhealthy habits such as eating too fast or skipping breakfast, also contribute to a decline in health. If make just small changes to your current unhealthy lifestyle, you will experience the benefits of controlled weight, improved mood and energy levels, better immunity, and increased longevity.


If your lack of nutrition education is leading you towards an unhealthy lifestyle, you will quickly begin to suffer from the consequences noted above. Eating unhealthy food because we’re too busy to prepare healthy food ahead of time, and staying sedentary in an office environment all day, will quickly begin to take its toll on the body. The consequences may seem minor at first, a little bit of weight gain or feeling more tired throughout the day, but weight gain can quickly get out of hand, resulting in obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.


However, if you become even slightly educated about nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle, you won’t have to bear such unhealthy consequences, and instead you can reap the benefits of a healthy work-life balance, and better quality of life.


How is focusing on your career taking away from your investment in your health?


Focusing on your career might bring you financial success, but most likely it isn’t doing the same for your health. An unhealthy lifestyle can result in lost time at work, less quality in recreational time outside of work, and a shorter lifespan. If you aren’t keeping yourself educated about your nutrition needs you could be suffering from nutrient deficiencies (especially potassium, fiber, calcium, Vitamin D), chronic disease, and extra pounds. Not investing in your health quickly results in a domino effect of health problems. Employee wellness is now a ‘hot topic’ for a reason: Two thirds (35%) of Americans are now obese, and the CDC projects that one-in-three adults could have diabetes by 2050. And this transfers to the workplace too, where new legislation does not allow sick leave for some work sectors, thereby exacerbating the issue. Refocus on your health, and work toward a healthier work-life balance so that your health doesn’t suffer because of your career. It is possible to succeed in both areas and you will be better off in the long run.


What can ExecFuel do to help?


Unlike other nutrition or fitness programs, ExecFuel is dedicated to helping busy executives get the most from their lives by finding a balance between working hard and living healthy. Explore resources, private consultations, or the 6 week step-by-step program that teaches you how to make simple healthy choices on the go and avoid the onset of chronic diseases that results from a busy work life.


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ExecFuel was developed as an online step-by-step tool to help busy executives achieve the best in their nutrition and fitness.


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