What Vaccinations do I need to live in Singapore?


If you are moving to Singapore, or if you have just moved here, welcome! Like most other countries, Singapore has policies surrounding vaccinations. When you are choosing an expat health care provider or GP, make sure you that you talk to them about keeping you up to speed on which shots you and your family need. We suggest International Medical Clinic if you are looking for a doctor or pediatrician.

You are going to be travelling a lot while you are living in Singapore, so if you go anywhere new, let your doctor know. They will suggest any travel vaccinations that you will need. If you have any questions about this, please contact the Expat Insurance Singapore team. They can help you find the best expat medical insurance to keep you covered while you are here.

Are all of my immunisations here covered?

Most expat health insurance policies cover some immunisation, but not all premiums cover them entirely. Just check with your health insurance broker, or call the team at Expat Insurance Singapore if you need some help looking over your policies. If you don’t have full coverage, you may want to consider a plan upgrade. Keeping up to date with inoculations can get expensive in Singapore, especially if you have a family. You may be used to standard infant vaccinations being free if you come from a country that has universal healthcare like the UK or Australia. Here in Singapore paying for these can cost around four hundred dollars a visit. Give your Expat Insurance advisor a call if you would like a bit more info on this. It might save you some time and money.

Will my children be covered properly if they were vaccinated in other countries?

If you have a family, the immunisation schedule for children here differs from western countries. Let your doctor know which country’s schedule your kids started their inoculations on, and they will be able to continue on the same timetable. Not all doctors can do this, so just double-check before getting your child’s boosters. The team at IMC offer this service and a team of international doctors. If, for example, you are Australian and you feel more comfortable seeing another Australian, go for it!

Are there any compulsory vaccinations for me or my kids?

Yes, there are. Due to Singapore being a global hub and the recent rise in measles cases internationally, The Ministry of Health is taking strict measures for anyone looking to relocate here. These two vaccines below are required by law:


In Singapore, three doses of the Diphtheria vaccine are given to children before they are one. These are followed by a booster at 18 months, and then another at eleven years to provide continued protection.

MMR (Measles Mumps and Rubella)

The MMR vaccine is compulsory for children in Singapore. Children get their first MMR shot at 12 months and then a booster at 18 months to 2 years. Since February 2019, it is now mandatory for any foreign-born children who are applying to live in Singapore on a student or a dependency pass. If your children have not received both the vaccines, they will not be granted their long term visitors pass.

How can I prove if my kids have been vaccinated?

The vaccination certificates of any minors applying to live in Singapore will need to be submitted to the Health Promotion Board before the applications for a long term visitors pass are submitted.

In short, if you have kids and you want to live/stay in Singapore, they need to get the MMR and Diphtheria vaccines. Make sure you are up to date on these before you relocate here.

Are there any other vaccinations that kids need in Singapore?

If you wish to send your kids to school here, you will need to prove that they have had the following vaccinations:


Pertussis (this is more commonly known as Whooping cough)





Hepatitis B

If you need any more info on vaccines for you or your children, contact International Medical Centre. If you would like advice on what is covered in your international medical insurance package, we’d be happy to help.

Here is a link to the vaccination Singapore schedule for your kids if you need to have a look.

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