WFH with the Expat Insurance Singapore Team

We are looking down the barrel of the third week of the circuit breaker here in Singapore. These times mean different things for different people. Some of us are loving it! Some of us, not so much. The team at Expat Insurance Singapore are no different. They are doing their best with what they’ve got at their home offices offering our award-winning service providing insurance for expats. Don’t forget that if you have any queries, you can still contact us online here and by calling us here.

BTS while Expat Insurance Singapore WFH

Everyone loves a BTS, right? Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to take you Behind the Scenes with our teams who are working from home. We are all in this together, #SGunited!

Imad – Head of Employee Benefits Team, Insurance Broker  

Working from home has made me lose my bearings a bit. It’s not always easy to focus on work because of the home environment and the attention that I feel that I need to give my baby. And my fridge is always calling! I miss the feeling of working from the office and exchanging with my colleagues. Being confined at home and restricting myself to only go out once a day to the supermarket downstairs is very frustrating for someone who is used to enjoying outdoor activities 3 to 4 times a week. On the positive side, I can spend more time with my family and I don’t have to commute to the office every day.

I’ve tried to keep up a bit of routine and structure in my day, but I’ve not been successful, yet! I do set the alarm and I prepare myself like I am going to the office, so I am in the right mindset. But the reality is that my baby son is the real boss and dictates my schedule.

I’ve been keeping myself fit by going for a run twice a week and doing some basic fitness exercises every day. I am not a really a big fan of social media, but since the lockdown, I have been more active on it so that I can stay in contact my friends and we can all escape our reality for a bit by catching up online. I also have more time for some indoor activities or things that I always postpone such as reading, playing board games and studying.

I’ve kind of been enjoying it so far. As I always say, take any challenge you have in your life and turn it into a positive experience. I love being outside but staying home allows me to spend more time with the family, entertain myself differently and spending more time in the kitchen.

I don’t know if I should reveal my secret, but I enjoy playing video games. I love the ones with a great story behind them. Right now, I am playing Deus EX: Mankind Divided. Really interesting point of view of what could be the next evolution of humanity. It reminds me of the movie A.I.

When I think about what I have learned from this, I recall something that Bill Gates said recently; this experience makes us think about what is really important in our life. Important to our family, to our home and to our health. So, I guess this confinement is helping me to reconnect with the fundamentals and appreciate the simple things of life.

Laura – Marketing Manager

I feel like I have adjusted well to working at home. I have created a little office space in one of our spare rooms, so I have some time away from the hundreds of calls my husband does daily… on loudspeaker! However, as we head into 3 weeks and news of the extensions, I am finding it hard that home is work and work is home – so great to have a dedicated room which I don’t use unless at my laptop.

WFH has also made me realize that there is so much more to ‘a job’. It is travelling to work, the office space, your colleagues, the little chat on the way to get some water, the laughs and the meetings which run over time.

I have tried to adopt a good routine whilst being at home. I write out my schedule each day and try to stick to it. This includes; alarm set, morning exercise on our balcony, work to do list, what I am eating (which is everything – I need a lock for my fridge), what time I am logging off and what time the TV can go on.

I have woken up a couple of times feeling anxious, so I exercise in the morning before I sit at my desk and I always find time to stretch my legs in the afternoon. We are also playing Monopoly Deal (it gets very competitive) before dinner to ensure we have a break before cooking and cleaning begins.

This experience has made me grateful for the things I took for granted before. The world is a big crazy right now and who knows what changes this will bring to our lives. BUT I am grateful for being healthy and happy. It is also nice to make more time for virtual calls with friends and families.

Our job is easy, we must stay at home – not everyone is as lucky as they must go out and work to save lives.

Monika – Private Client Advisor

Given the situation where we are on lockdown and working from home, I think it is very important to keep yourself mentally and physically active. I do this by doing my job and in my free time, I like playing games which require me to think, like chess. I love engaging with hobbies that make me happy like baking or craftwork. I also communicate with friends or family about topics of interest as I find that is another way to keep our brains stimulated. I always make sure that I make take time to relax too. It is important in keeping the level of stress down.

I like to do exercise which involves high-intensity cardio. Given the current situation, I can’t hit the gym for weight training. So, doing exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, push-ups, leg raises, squat jumps and planks have been keeping me going at home so grateful I have space to keep healthy and happy!


So, stay tuned while we share some more stories from our teams at home over the next week or so.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about insurance. We’d be happy to help!

In the meantime, stay home, stay safe!

The Expat Insurance Singapore Team






Authored By John Ntatsopoulos


Over the course of his 34 years career, our CEO, John, have worked predominately in the area of insurance and financial services across major APAC…


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