Expat Travel Insurance is an absolute must when you are living here in Singapore. It is easy and affordable to get travel insurance for expats in Singapore and a good, comprehensive policy is worth its weight in gold. You are going need it! With it’s close proximity to Asia and the Pacific, few places can top Singapore in it’s access to so many incredible destinations. If you live in Singapore, then the chances are that your passport will take a beating. You can cover yourself with a range of options and our expert team are always on hand to answer any questions, so give us a call.

Travel AnnualAnnual Trip Travel Insurance

An Annual travel insurance policy is recommended for anyone living in Singapore seeing as the average person living in here will likely take around 5 trips a year. Seeing that we travel so much here it makes logical (and financial) sense to purchase an annual policy. Drop us a line if you would like to talk through the options here.

woman relaxing in hammock at the beachSingle Trip Insurance

If you travel less than three times a year, getting a new travel insurance policy every time you travel might be the best move for you. This may vary depending on where you are going and what are doing, but you should always travel with cover even if you have global medical cover. Leave us a message here if you would like to chat about a Single Trip Policy.

The downside of a nomad life is that you can be more prone to tropical diseases, travel delays, lost luggage and Nature loves to ruin our holidays with volcanoes erupting and earth quakes and typhoons. Get ahead of the game, contact us and get yourself a comprehensive travel insurance policy so that if and when this happens to you – you’ll be more than ready.


If you are looking at going away soon and you are unsure about what the best travel insurance options are for you, give us a call on +65 6401 9201 or leave us a note below. We’d be happy to help!


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