Travel Insurance for Expats: Be Covered When Travelling Internationally

Travel Insurance for Expats: Be Covered When Travelling Internationally

Planning for the unexpected ensures you are safeguarded. Assuming that nothing will happen to us and not buying travel insurance during your trips can put you in a precarious position. While we may take every necessary precaution, like keeping our belongings in the hotel safe or wearing protective gear when skiing, sometimes unfortunate accidents happen. And this is beyond our control. By getting insured before we go on our trips, we can discover new cities and immerse ourselves in foreign cultures without worrying.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a plan that covers you in the event that something happens while you are travelling, whether it’s a loss of baggage or more serious situations like an adventure sports accident. We purchase travel insurance so that on the off chance that something happens, we won’t have to bear large financial costs. An important thing to note is that travel insurance needs to be bought before your trip and not while you’re overseas.

These are a few things usually covered by basic and premium plans: 

  • Emergency medical expenses if you fall sick or are injured 
  • Emergency evacuation if stranded due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or political instability 
  • 24-hour assistance hotlines 
  • Trip cancellation, flight delays
  • Damage, loss or theft of personal items and baggage

New normal of travel with COVID-19

Singapore has recently allowed travel under Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) and you can visit 13 different countries including Germany, France, Spain, Canada and a few others. But Pre-COVID-19 trip planning might be overwhelming for some. According to a report by Channel NewsAsia, more than half of holidaymakers from Singapore felt stressed at the thought of booking an overseas trip in the next 12 months.

In the new normal of pandemic leisure travel, we would need to adjust to new rules. Would I need to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test pre-departure or on arrival? Or both? Does the country I am travelling to require quarantines? Relieve some of that strain by getting adequately insured. In this way, we give ourselves and our loved ones peace of mind and put our anxieties at ease.

Choosing the right travel insurance

The type of travel insurance you choose to take can vary depending on the type of holiday, itinerary, duration of stay, country of destination and the number of times you travel per year. Instead of simply going with a plan with low premiums, try to pick one that offers benefits most relevant to your needs. This will ensure any potential risk and loss is effectively managed, and you’re covered when you most need it.

Consider your frequency of travel

Do you rarely travel, making one or two trips annually? Or do you travel fairly often, visiting your family overseas every couple of months? If it’s the former, buying Expat Insurance’s Single Trip Travel Insurance on an adhoc basis might work best for you. But if you take several trips a year, whether for business or pleasure, at an average of 10 times per year, choosing to sign up for an Annual Travel Insurance plan for expats is more cost-effective and reduces the hassle of needing to buy insurance each time. If you plan on taking trips together with your family, our Family Plans offer bundled insurance coverage that covers you and your entire family.

Understand the type of activities you plan on doing

Holidays are all about new experiences and present a great opportunity to tick a few things off your bucket list. When visiting Italy, you might not want to leave before doing a hike in Cinque Terre. Or if you’re touring London, you might be considering spicing your trip up with a speedboat or bicycle tour.

Before embarking on these adventures, taking Active Travel Insurance will safeguard you and minimise risk involved. Both simple outdoor activities like hiking or riding, or more extreme sports like paragliding, bungee jumping or mountain climbing are covered by us.

If you plan on scuba diving and wish to bring along your own gear, Scuba Diver Trip Travel Insurance offered by Expat Insurance ensures any loss or damage to them will be insured. With our Home, Contents and Valuables Insurance too, any expensive, hard-to-replace items you bring along with you on your trip, like jewellery, cameras, or golf clubs will also be covered. Keep yourself and your treasured items covered with a combination of our comprehensive insurance packages.

Learn more about Expat Insurance’s travel insurance packages

Planning for a holiday can be exciting.  In the excitement and flurry of getting ready for your holiday, you might forget the essentials like having yourself and family protected. Discover new cities without worrying, protect yourself and your loved ones with Expat Insurance. Speak to our friendly team of insurance specialists to understand your requirements and how our expat travel coverage can let you have both a fun and safe vacation.

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