Many expats in Singapore feel that they are under-protected when it comes to medical insurance. Healthcare plans provided by employers for expats in Singapore often have low limits that can leave you financially exposed to large hospital bills if you have an accident or get ill. Top-up health insurance coverage is designed to offer additional protection on an individual or family basis. 

It always pays to double check what your health care insurance here in Singapore provides if you have been covered by your employer.  If you are unsure, call us or leave us a message. After you have done this, you can make an appointment and bring in your current Singapore expat health care plan provided by your employer so we can go through what your existing cover is together. Then we will discuss what your needs are as an individual or a family and we can look at how we can make additions to your healthcare insurance that suit you and your loved ones specifically. Depending on your needs at the given time, we’ll be able to recommend the right top up cover insurance.

About Top Up Cover Insurance

Top-up insurance plans work by increasing your accident, annual and lifetime limits. The aim is for your top up plan to work in conjunction with your current expat health insurance that is provided by your employer. We also offer insurance options to extend your coverage so that the bill does not fall to you for payment. This can be done by adjusting some of the deductible options available to you. If this is something that you would like to talk about, let us know. This can be especially handy here in Singapore the bills can escalate quickly for a hospital stay. The last thing that you want in an emergency situation is to be sweating about the bill!

Need Some Help Assessing Your Existing Cover?

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