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Facts about Singapore Life!

Tap water is fine to drink

You can get fined for jaywalking, so be patient and wait for your turn

Durians are not allowed on public transport, and you’ll quickly learn why!

Chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore, however since 2004 (as a result of the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement) pharmacists and dentists have also been allowed to sell “therapeutic” gum, to customers with a medical prescription. This includes standard sugar-free gum.

Tourists that visit Singapore are allowed to bring chewing gum with them, but only maximum of two packs per person. Any more than that and they will be susceptible to be charged with “gum smuggling” which carries the penalty of one year in jail and $5,500 fine.

Strollers must be folded on public buses, and seats offered to the elderly, pregnant, or injured.

December is considered the rainy season, and temperatures do cool down… slightly. It’s wise to always carry an umbrella with you during this time.

Planning a long weekend over a public holiday? Book ahead as flights and accommodation can skyrocket as demand increases in the lead up.

Singapore’s land area includes 63 offshore islands that surround the main island. These include Sentosa (the largest of the 63 islands), Pulau Ubin, St John’s Island and Sisters’ Islands.

Get yourself an EZ card for easy pay and ride on the buses and MRT. Trips are cheap – around $1 per ride.

Don’t be afraid to ask how to prepare and cook unfamiliar vegetables when shopping at the wet markets – the aunties and uncles love to share!

Ensure you have a comprehensive medical insurance plan, as healthcare is not subsidized for expats in Singapore, and can cost thousands of dollars if you need immediate care or specialist advice.

Car ownership is extremely expensive, so evaluate whether you truly need a car, or if public transport/taxis will work for you.

Due to air traffic, buildings in Singapore cannot be higher than 280 metres

Take a sweater to the cinema as they crank up the air-conditioning!

If you’re looking for party shops, automotive stores, printing shops etc, you will find that all goods and services within a category tend to be amalgamated in one location.

To escape the city, explore Singapore’s great outdoors. Whether you want to see the cheeky monkeys at Bukit Timah, walk the suspension bridge at Macritchie Reservoir, or learn about the history of WWII at Fort Canning Park, there are loads of green spaces across the island.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserves has more species of trees than the whole of North America
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