The 101 on portable healthcare Plans

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As expats, the reality is that you never really know when the next big move will be. Whether you’re relocated back home, or to another country, there are so many moving pieces to being an expat that things can get overlooked!


At Expat Insurance, our team is made up of expats from around the world and Singaporeans, so we get #ExpatLife.


Today’s question: Is your Medical Insurance Plan Portable?

Many expats often contact us in the midst of their relocation to find out what they can do about their health insurance. Here is the low down:


I have an International Health Plan

If you purchased an international medical plan and you’re being relocated to another country that isn’t home, all you’re required to do is call your Insurance Broker to update them with your new address and your coverage will continue (excluding the USA)!  Note that premiums are based on the country you’re living in, and your insurance agent will be able to share any price adjustments with you. (An insurance premium is the amount of money that an individual must pay for an insurance policy.)


If you’re being relocated home before the end of your plan, coverage conditions will vary depending on your insurer. Your Expat Insurance advisor will be able to explain the terms of your specific plan to you. Don’t hesitate to give the team a call! That’s what we’re here for.


I have a Local Singaporean Health Plan

If you’re covered under a local plan and are moving to another country, you will not be able to transfer your protection to the new country of residence. In most cases, your plan will lapse and it is advisable that you purchase a new policy in your new country.


For advice on the best insurance protection for you, click here to contact the Expat Insurance team of advisors Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm.

Our service is complimentary. And the best part? We keep it real because let’s face it, insurance is nobody’s favourite topic!



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