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Sometimes an Annual Insurance Policy won’t cover you for a particular trip that you need to take, and sometimes you just don’t want to take out an annual policy. That’s Okay, you can still get single trip travel insurance so that you are protected from the moment that you leave your front door until the moment that you set foot back in it after your trip. You still get all of the benefits of an annual travel insurance policy, just without the 12month commitment. On a single insurance policy, you still have access to:

  • Unlimited emergency medical expenses
  • Unlimited medical evacuation
  • 24-hour assistance hotlines
  • Trip cancellations and curtailment
  • Luggage loss, theft or delay
  • Personal liability

It is wise to look at supplementing your comprehensive home and contents policy and global medical plan with a least a single trip travel insurance policy when you go away. When you travel you are still left vulnerable to schedule changes, lost and damaged luggage and natural disasters which can leave you out of pocket. Being mindful about getting added protection for you and your belongings is easy – just give us a call and we will happily get you sorted out.

Even if you already have an annual policy, but you are travelling to a region that is not supported by that policy, we could help you fill in the gap there. We could sort you out with a single trip policy to make sure that you are completely covered on your trip. Just let us know if you need any help here.


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