Scuba Diving Travel Insurance

Scuba diving, fun as it is, is an extreme sport. If you are planning on going scuba diving, it makes prudent sense to ensure that you have a travel insurance policy in place. Plus, these are available on a single trip or annual basis. If scuba diving a couple of times a year is in your plan, we recommend taking out an annual policy. We stay committed to helping you receive travel insurance coverage that is tailored to you and your needs. If you need further clarification on this, just give us a call. Our experienced advisors will be able to help.

If you or your family are avid scuba divers and take more than one trip a year, you should definitely fork out for an annual plan so that you never have to think twice about getting cover.

Highlights Include:

  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Unlimited Medical Evacuation
  • 24-hour Assistance Hotlines
  • Trip Cancellation & Curtailment
  • Luggage Loss, Theft or Delay
  • Personal Liability

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It’s easy to see why scuba diving is such a popular sport here in Asia. We are surrounded by tropical islands and we have easy access to some of the most spectacular dive spots on the planet. It can be a costly pastime so taking out some travel insurance makes more financial sense. Scuba diving equipment is expensive to replace if lost, stolen or damaged so it’s important that your travel insurance policy has an appropriate level of cover to meet your specific needs. If you have any questions, please call us and we’d be happy to help answer any queries that you may have. Pricey and specialist equipment can also be covered worldwide by our comprehensive home insurance, so it is worth speaking to one of our experts to ensure that all of your gear is covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diver Insurance*

What is the difference between travel and scuba diver insurance?

The main thing that sets scuba diving insurance apart from regular annual and single trip travel insurance is its coverage for scuba equipment. Scuba diving requires the use of specialised gear — from masks, snorkels and fins, to exposure suits and BCDs (buoyancy compensator devices). These can be expensive to replace, therefore scuba diving insurance can help to cover your equipment should they be lost, stolen, or damaged.

When should I buy scuba diver insurance?

Scuba diving travel insurance may be purchased before your scheduled dive on a single-trip basis. However, if you plan to go scuba diving multiple times a year, we would recommend that you take up an annual plan instead for peace of mind.

Where can I get scuba diver insurance in Singapore?

If you are keen to acquire insurance coverage for yourself or your loved ones on your next scuba adventure, our experienced team of brokers are more than happy to help. Simply reach out to us and we will guide you on the policies best suited to your needs.

*Please note that the Scuba Diver Insurance is offered as an add-on option, and cannot be purchased on its own.


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