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Personal Data Protection Policy

Expat Insurance Private Ltd (“EI”) and including EI entities is committed to complying with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. References to ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ is to EI and includes EI Singapore and other EI entities. We set out herein our Privacy Policy to assure you of our commitment.

Privacy Policy

This Policy sets out how EI uses, collects and discloses personal data about you so that we can provide you with insurance products and services. The Policy applies to current and past EI clients or other individuals whose personal data EI has collected in relation to services and products offered by insurers; and all individuals whose personal data is collected by us in the course of activities including service providers and employees.

Your Personal Data

At EI, we are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data and complying with our obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”). This Policy outlines how EI collects, uses, stores and discloses your personal data so that it can arrange and manage the services and products it provides to you.

How We Collect Your Personal Data

So that we can provide our services and products to you we need to collect your personal data from you or your family member. We may also collect it via our EI website, from service providers, other insurers and insurance related organisations, statutory and regulatory bodies, people who are involved in a claim or who assist us in investigating or handling claims including third parties claiming under your policy, witnesses

For people already working for us or for those who are looking to work with us, EI collects personal information in order to pay you and provide you with other benefits, to ensure that we comply with the law, and generally to establish and manage the employment relationship. We may also use or disclose employee information in the course of proposed business transactions involving all or any part of our business.

Why We Collect Your Personal Data

We collect, use and disclose your personal data so that we can provide you with your insurance products and services, including to consider and process your application; to vary, cancel or renew your insurance; to respond to your queries; to deal and/or process any claims under your policy including settlement and to conduct necessary investigations; completing due diligence and background checks which are either required by law or regulation or have been put in place by EI; responding to your queries and administering your policy including correspondence with you; investigating fraud, misconduct or any unlawful act or omission in relation to your policy; so that we can comply with legal obligations; for research and statistical purposes and or any purpose directly related to the above.  In addition, we may use the information to provide additional information on other services which we feel, may be of interest to you and to notify you about any changes to our websites, such as improvements or service changes.

We use Cookies to understand how you use our website, your choice of internet browser, the type of device you are accessing it from, and where you are in the world. By using the Expat Insurance website, you consent to our use of cookies to collect and use your personal data. If you do not consent to our use of cookies to collect and use your personal data, you may refuse to accept cookies by altering the settings on your internet browser.

How To Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from receiving promotional electronic or non-electronic direct mails, click on the ‘unsubscribe’ button found at the bottom of any EDM.

Who We Disclose Your Personal Information To

We may disclose your personal data to others where necessary for the purposes listed above. Parties to whom we may disclose your personal data to include other insurers; insurance associations; federations or similar organisations; related companies; our advisors; external claims data collectors or verifiers parties involved in claims investigation and management; government and statutory agencies; and/or as otherwise required or allowed by law. The parties that we are disclosing your personal data to may either be located in Singapore or overseas.

Your Right And Consent

Under the Act, you have the right to request for information about your personal data that is in our possession or under our control. You can also request for information about the ways in which your personal data has been or may have been used or disclosed by us

If you wish to opt out, please let us have your notice of withdrawal in writing, indicating your instruction.You may write to our Personal Data Protection Officer for the abovementioned purposes.

Contact Details

The contact details of our Personal Data Protection Office are as follows:

The Personal Data Protection Officer
Expat Insurance Private Ltd
20 Upper Circular Road
#B1-52 The Riverwalk
Singapore 058416

Phone: (65) 6401 9201
Email: [email protected]

In the absence of any signed consent, the use or continued use by you of any of EI’s services shall be deemed as your acceptance and agreement to the provision of this Policy.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Please note that we may update this Policy from time to time and amend it to reflect changes in legislation or other business changes. You can review the Policy on our website at or stay informed on how we are protecting your personal data.


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