Pregnant? Stressed? Science Says Talk to Your Baby

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Fact: Our emotions during pregnancy are experienced by our little ones; the scientific evidence proving this is growing.


Does that mean we shouldn’t experience stress during pregnancy? Does that mean we are failing as mums if we have stress and anxiety? The answer is NO.


It means pregnancy is a fabulous time to put relaxation practices into place, actively working to reduce our stress levels. Relaxation techniques include:
Connecting with the breath



Guide meditation





If your having a particularly stressful day let your baby know. You can speak to your baby and say ‘This is not about you, you are wanted and loved. This stress is mummy’s and I am doing my best to work with it’.  Take a few minutes later that day to do something that makes you feel relaxed, it might be simply connecting with your breath and baby for 5 or 10 minutes and sending down lots of love into your uterus.


I get asked a lot: What about all the stressful meetings I have at work? How do I keep calm under work pressure?


Here’s a simple idea: If you are going into a meeting at work that you know will be stressful, you can preempt that and talk to your baby to prepare him/her in advance. And then before you walk in imagine covering your belly with a heavy blanket that shields your baby from the stress. Remove it later and talk to your baby again and do some relaxing deep belly breaths.


There are so many creative ideas you can explore when you keep in mind your little one is already a conscious person.


Connect with your community, sign up for birth preparation classes early in pregnancy and choose one that covers these relaxation topics in detail.


Click here for more information on the Love Based Birth preparation classes.


To speak with an experienced insurance advisor about maternity insurance, click here to submit an enquiry and we will respond within 24 hours.



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