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As the age-old adage goes, health is wealth. Being healthy is so much more than just being free of illnesses. The tumultuousness of 2020 has proved to us that taking care of our physical and mental health has never been more pertinent a priority. Making the time to put your health and well-being first should come first, especially when we live in a time where health, security and safety is compromised. To make matters worse, the disruption to everyday life – seen in the shift to work-from-home routines and economic instabilities – is placing unimaginable duress on individuals all around. The covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of keeping our health in check. 

No matter what your goals are in life, we can all agree that a healthy mind and body is essential to leading a successful, balanced and rewarding life. We discuss the merits of self-care for both mind and body and how you can better prepare yourself (and your family) in times of crisis like this. 

Developing better habits 

Successful people, more often than not, have habits of exercise and healthy eating. Keeping your health in good shape often begins with habit-forming. Practising habits such as eating balanced meals, exercising regularly and making time for personal hobbies can bode well for keeping them up in the long-run. After all, it takes 21 days for a habit to form. 

Without habits, attempting to do the above can take a toll – especially if it’s not in your nature or lifestyle to do so. You can consider it a three-step pronged approach to protecting and nurturing your well-being. Many times, it’s what you do at the beginning that affects how well off you are later on. 

Preventative habits include buying comprehensive health coverage, eating nutritiously, ensuring adequate rest and going for your regular doctor visits. 

Buying expat health cover – is it necessary? 

The short answer is yes. A robust gp or outpatient insurance can keep you covered for emergencies or any medical check-ups without racking up a bill at the hospital. You want to be able to cover for your medical needs without compromising on quality or costs. With adequate gp insurance, you will be able to access most of Singapore’s comprehensive medical institutions and services. 

Consult the Expat Insurance team in Singapore to discuss your options. 

What kind of habits can we nurture? 

Many harbour the misconception that exercising alone can help ward off ailments and diseases – however, it is in proper nutrition that you will see its benefits. The habit of eating healthy and actively nurturing nutrition in your meals is a strong factor in delaying the onset of any diseases. 

Regular exercise is also an important component in your journey towards healthy well-being. If you find running or plain workouts to be a chore, there are a myriad of other ways to make it more fun. Find sports you enjoy playing or try a new activity with friends – who knows, you’ll find yourself a hobby that also contributes to a healthier lifestyle. 

Another lesser-known habit to try cultivate is to reduce your on-screen time. There’s no doubt that we spend copious amounts of time staring at screens – headphones, laptops and television shows. Reducing the amount of on screen time you partake in can reduce headaches, improve next-day concentration and also boost your mental health. 

Likewise, as with everything else in life, moderation is key. Learning something new can also keep your mind healthy, improve motivation and your cognitive skills. Be sure to set realistic goals and practice positive thoughts. 

Find out how your eating habits can influence your overall health and well-being here.

Merits to leading a healthier lifestyle  

Living a healthier lifestyle is truly beneficial for you. With a flurry of news and media around what healthy looks like. However, a healthy lifestyle looks different for everybody. For some, it is regular exercise and for others, sleep habits and nutrition take priority. Making healthy choices isn’t a quick fix – they’re part of a process and starting somewhere is better than not having started at all. Some of the benefits of living healthy include increased energy levels, concentration, a better self-image, and improved mental health. 

Being prepared with GP & Life Term Insurance 

We recognise the uncertainties and fears that 2020 has brought us. Although the healthcare system in Singapore is a resilient and robust one, expats are encouraged to purchase the health cover to shelter them from any unexpected medical costs that they may incur. We recommend beginning with the basics and then build up to more comprehensive coverage so that you can have a peace of mind. 

Get the aid of our team of insurance brokers to see what type of policies best meet your needs. 

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