Medical Insurance
Highlights of an Medical insurance Plan

Medical Insurance

There are numerous Medical Insurance policies available, but few are suitable for Expats. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and affordable Health Insurance available. The first step in this process is to understand your needs and priorities.


In our consultation process, Expat Insurance will advise which Medical Insurance plans offer worldwide cover, giving you the flexibility to seek treatment in your Country of choice.

If having the freedom to choose your own doctor or specialist is important, we can recommend Medical Insurance plans which do not restrict you to in-network visits for your Outpatient and Dental care.

If you are planning a family, Maternity Insurance benefits are subject to a standard 10 – 24 month waiting period, so you must purchase well in advance of pregnancy.


Quality healthcare does not come cheap. The Singapore Ministry of Health statistics show the cost of treatment in private hospitals averages $1,800 – $3,700 per day, with the average bill for surgeries reaching $28,000. We help you understand medical care costs, so you can make an informed decision about the limits you buy.


The added convenience of a Cashless Billing plan allows you to use a Medical Insurance card to settle medical bills for outpatient treatment. This means you never need to submit an insurance claim for reimbursement, drastically simplifying the claims process.
Are All Medical Insurance Plans The Same?

Not all Medical Insurance plans offer the coverage highlighted above, so it’s important for us to understand your needs before offering products. Once we understand your priorities, we use our experience and product knowledge to find the most suitable Medical Insurance, often improving coverage and saving our customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


We are compensated by the Insurance Companies directly, so the benefit of coverage reviews and advice we offer you is free.The premiums we quote are the same as those offered by Insurance Companies to direct buyers, which means we offer the lowest rates. In addition, our strong relationship with insurers often means we can negotiate better terms and conditions for your medical insurance plan.
Should you have a claim, Expat Insurance will provide a free after-sales claims service. We will assist you with the claims process as well as negotiate settlement with the Insurance company if neccessary.

Let us help you understand your Medical Insurance options and make sure you have the cover you need.