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Medical Insurance on a Long Term Visitor Pass (LTVP)

Can I Buy Medical Insurance on a Long Term Visitor Pass?


Yes, as a LTVP holder, you can purchase medical insurance during your time in Singapore.  Global insurance policies are provided based on your country of residence, so if you are relocated on your expat journey you can take the policy with you without being subject to re-underwriting and waiting periods.


Singapore-only policies provide cover to residents who have at least 12 months on their pass.  The plan cancels once they become non-resident.


For further information or to discuss the coverage that’s best suited to your circumstances, click here or phone +65 6401 9201 to speak with an Expat Insurance advisor.



Authored By John Ntatsopoulos


Over the course of his 34 years career, our CEO, John, have worked predominately in the area of insurance and financial services across major APAC…


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