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As expats, living far from home, we are naturally concerned with safety and protection. Fortunately for us, Singapore is known as a capital for quality healthcare.  Knowing the costs of care here and being prepared in advance of any accidents, injuries or illness will mean your eyes don’t bulge when you’re handed a five-figure bill.

A private hospital stay in Singapore tops $600 a night and should you be admitted to the ICU, costs are upwards of $800-$1,000 a night for the room alone. Dental treatment for crowns, wisdom teeth and root canals can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Knowing you have medical insurance that provides adequate coverage is one important factor that can help you feel at ease.

Top Tips for Medical Insurance

Local or Global Coverage?
Ensure your medical plan offers coverage wherever you need it whether it be in Singapore or abroad. If you want to be treated in your home country for an illness, then you need to consider a global plan.

Government or Private?
Many plans require you to visit Government Hospitals and Public Clinics for treatment. Check if your plan has this restriction or provides for Private Care. It is also important to know whether your coverage pays for private or shared/warded accommodation.

Freedom of Choice
Your policy should allow freedom of choice of your family doctor and specialists. Many policies restrict your visits to a specific list of panel doctors, with the objective of keeping costs down To avoid restrictions, make sure your plan is not on a referral-only basis or restricted to visits with in-network/panel doctors.

Maternity Benefits
Benefits are typically subject to a 10-24 month waiting period, so you must purchase well in advance of pregnancy. Birthing at Private Hospitals is costly, so choose a plan with high maternity limits.

Cancer and Critical Illness
Coverage is limited or excluded from most medical plans. Choosing a policy that offers unlimited medical expenses or a lump sum payout will ensure the best long-term treatment is affordable.

Complementary Medicine
Most policies do not cover for items such as health checks and travel vaccinations. Benefits such as physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture and osteopath are rare and found in only the most comprehensive policies.

As an expatriate, investing in a health insurance plan that travels with you regardless of where you are relocated is important.  Your policy should be as mobile as you are.


Medical Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE


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