Maternity Matters: What Are the Pregnancy Costs in Singapore?

Maternity Matters: What Are the Pregnancy Costs in Singapore?

It can be exciting when you first make the decision to grow your family and have a child. However the costs involved with a pregnancy can be significant and being ready for a financial commitment as heavy as this, is important. From pre-pregnancy screenings to prenatal check-ups to new maternity clothes, there are several components of the process that add up to a hefty price tag. As such, planning for your pregnancy is imperative. In this article we provide a guide on the costs associated with a pregnancy.

Costs of having a baby 

1. Pre-pregnancy screenings

Pre-pregnancy screenings are important as it provides both you and your gynaecologist with an overview of your current health condition. This allows you to know if your body is healthy and ready for a pregnancy and can also help to prevent pregnancy complications. 

During such a screening, your health record and medical history will be assessed, this includes seeing a general physical assessment, whether you have received the necessary vaccinations and if you have any major health issues. Doctors will also enquire about your use of medication and if you use substances like tobacco or alcohol. Other tests include blood and urine tests, a pap smear, an ultrasound. If you take a screening package with a clinic or hospital, it could cost you $349 to $700. 

2. Prenatal care

Throughout your pregnancy, gynaecologist (OB/GYN) visits are a key part in ensuring your foetus is developing well. Regular visits allow your entire pregnancy to be carefully monitored and for any issues to be swiftly addressed. It is highly advisable that you visit your gynaecologist once a month during the first and second trimesters and once a week during your third trimester. 

The estimated costs of each consultation during the first trimester is about $100 to $300. From the second trimester, you can consider signing up for a full private prenatal consultation check-up package. This can cost up to $2,000. The Medisave Maternity Package (MMP) can help to subsidise a portion of costs for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and up to $900 can be withdrawn for pre-delivery expenses, including consultations. 

3. Prenatal classes

Prenatal classes provide new parents with practical information so you feel comfortable about the childbirth process and everything that comes after. You will learn what to expect during the birth, whether you choose to have a C-section or a natural birth, as well as how to care for your newborn, how to breastfeed and bottle-feed. The added benefit of such classes is that soon-to-be parents will be able to meet other parents on the same journey and form a support group. The costs of such classes can vary greatly, depending on how many sessions you sign up for and with which organisation. These can start from $160 and can go up to $800. 

4. Delivery and hospital stay 

There are two ways you can choose to deliver a child: a normal birth (vaginal delivery), through a Caesarean (a C-section). To find the best hospital for your needs, consider important factors such as your budget, the distance of the hospital to your home and the hospital’s specialisation. 

Depending on whether you go with a government hospital or a private hospital, the costs can vary accordingly. For example, delivering at KKH (Ward A) and staying for 2 days at the hospital would amount to a bill size of about $4,629 to $5,633. If you choose to go with Thomson Medical, a private hospital, and stay for about 2 days, the costs start from $5,834 and can go up to $15,000 or $17,000.

With the Medisave Maternity Package (MMP), you may withdraw an amount of $750 to $2,600 – depending on the type of procedure chosen. This applies to both public and private hospitals. As for the hospital stay, under the MMP, you can have $550 subsidised for the first two days, and $400 per day for subsequent days. 

5. Maternity insurance

It is wise to take maternity insurance as it helps to alleviate any costs associated with birth complications. In the event that you experience issues with delivery, the costs of operations and hospital visits can increase dramatically, beyond that of normal childbirth. A C-section delivery involving serious complications can cost from about $11,686, up to $20,438. 

Maternity insurance can help to cover some of the costs of seeking medical attention at a hospital in Singapore. Also, if after giving birth, you might find that your baby suffers from birth defects, also known as congenital conditions. This means your little one might need surgery or extended stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The costs of treating neonatal conditions can be expensive, starting from $11,500

Premature deliveries, also known as pre-term deliveries, and where babies are born before 37 weeks. In such cases, infants would need to stay in the NICU. This could cost over $1,000 a day, and if your baby requires a stay that lasts several weeks, that could mean a total bill of over $84,000. 

Maternity insurance can aid in covering such treatment costs or other types of support. 

Learn more about Expat Insurance’s Maternity Insurance

Expat Insurance offers premium maternity insurance plans for mothers-to-be. Healthcare in Singapore is expensive and costs of a pregnancy can be overwhelming. Finding the right insurance partner during this period of transition can help to ease the stress off your shoulders – so you can focus on what matters. 

You might have several questions: How much is maternity insurance? When to buy maternity insurance? Our insurance advisors will be happy to answer all your questions. Speak to someone from our team so you can have a thorough understanding of the different plans available and you can select one that suits you. 

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