Maternity Matters | Finding The Best Hospital For You

Maternity Matters - Finding The Best Hospital For You

Earlier in our maternity series, we covered the benefits and importance of what regular exercise does for pregnancy as well as how and what to consider when planning for a pregnancy. As part of continuing the series, we’ll be covering the factors you’ll need to look at prior to choosing a hospital and gynaecologist in Singapore that you’re comfortable with to assist with the pregnancy. 

Pregnancies can be challenging and draining on the couple, especially for the mother. Your physical body changes dramatically during the course of nine months, resulting in more limitations nearer to the due date. Swollen feet, numb hips, back pain, and feeling the movements of your baby internally can increase the level of discomfort that you feel. It is also emotionally taxing, in part due to the hormonal changes that mothers-to-be experience and the burden of motherhood that awaits, even though there is immense joy and anticipation in showing the world to your child. It’s incredibly important to emphasise and normalise emotions such as guilt, fear, and anxiety so that more mothers-to-be can relate to these struggles and find commonality for sharing experiences.  

Difficulties in pregnancy journeys are very real and finding the right kind of support can make a whole lot of difference. Hospitals are one such factor. It’s where you’ll be going for all your maternity medical appointments and delivering your baby. From getting an all-inclusive maternity insurance to sourcing for good hospitals, our Expat Insurance team recognises and acknowledges the different needs encompassed in a pregnancy journey. 

We consider the reasons why finding the right hospital in Singapore for you is important and how you can make this decision an easier one. 

Why finding the right hospital matters

Curating a healthy pregnancy diet. Reading all the informative books on pregnancy. Setting up the nursery. Breastfeeding. Finding the right gynaecologist and hospital for childbirth. All of these decisions are equally important. There is a lot more to pregnancy-related questions and information, so much so that many mothers feel overwhelmed by it. According to a study of over 400 women, 86% reported feelings of stress due to the amount of information available or sent to them. Granted, every mother wants to pick the best for their baby, but too much information can lead to feelings of confusion, guilt, and overload. 

Out of all these questions, we hope to make the process of finding the best hospital an easier one. It matters because being comfortable with the hospital chosen can make a difference in how you feel throughout your pregnancy and how smoothly delivery goes. 

Picking a hospital also panders to other requests you may have such as affordability, types of deliveries, specialisation, pain relief options, and labour ward types. From planning conception to delivery, you are bound to have many questions and concerns along the way. “Do I want natural childbirth?” “Will I need a midwife?” “What other kind of requests can be made for when I give birth?” 

Not only does the hospital play into real-life impact with choice and medical expertise, it also boosts your confidence for the actual day. 

What should I consider before choosing a maternity hospital for my baby and me? 

Do you pick a maternity hospital near your home? Does the hospital provide a multidisciplinary team for higher-risk pregnancies? What sort of maternity package do they offer? The questions are endless. The list of considerations only seem to increase for women with pregnancies that are more complicated or carry certain risks. Let’s look at some of the topmost concerns that pregnant couples have when looking for maternity care in Singapore. 


Cost is a big issue. Count the medical appointments, supplements, delivery costs, baby needs and supplies, and post-natal care costs to get a good grasp of how much financial resources you’ll need to set aside for a peace of mind. Because Singapore offers public and private hospitals, you have a choice here. The largest advantage of going to a public hospital is easing on the affordability factor. 

If you are a Singaporean citizen, you can enjoy subsidised rates by the government at public hospitals like Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. They are much lower in cost as compared to private hospitals. 

You can look to the Ministry of Health website for a good rundown of maternity cost estimates across the public hospitals here in Singapore. Getting a high coverage maternity insurance plan can ease some of your worries around rising medical costs. A good policy will protect you and your child’s well-being, providing benefits from pre to post natal care. Insuring yourself with maternity coverage will reduce the risk of financial strains later on. 


For many, choosing a maternity hospital that has a specialised department gives them assurance and peace of mind. Hospitals with a specialised labour and delivery department offer certified specialists and gynaecologists. 

Your delivery process is an important part of motherhood. We encourage you to listen closely to what you need and seek it in the hospitals you do choose. 

Services offered 

Although private hospitals are generally known to have a higher standard of comfort and medical services, Singapore’s healthcare system is pretty good, which means public hospitals provide considerably high quality services as well. 

If you’re looking for a specific service offered, make sure you prepare a checklist of considerations or questions you have when picking the maternity hospital of your choice. 

Insure your baby and yourself today with maternity policies in Singapore

Planning early is the best way to give yourself the confidence and assurance you want during your pregnancy, so you won’t overload yourself with unnecessary information at any stage. A maternity insurance plan will be the umbrella protection that is beneficial for your finances and overall management as It keeps you shielded from unforeseen and unexpected issues that may arise. Contact our team for detailed advice and insights into the best maternity policies in Singapore. 

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