The new normal

Life After Coronavirus: What Is The New Normal?

After what seemed like an eternity, businesses are beginning to resume operations and people are venturing out to coffee shops and retail stores once again.

Easing the circuit breaker has come in the form of phased reopenings and just recently, phase 2 was initiated. With community spread being measurably contained (numbers are dwindling to double or single digits), this reopening gives Singaporeans a chance to adapt to a new normal.

Many of us may be feeling relieved, optimistic even, that we are now able to resume some if not all of our daily activities. However, the possibilities of a resurgence in infections remain high – a phased reopening doesn’t guarantee that the end is near. Going for yoga, eating our favourite hawker meals and catching up with friends are just some of the things we probably have taken for granted prior to the pandemic.

The loosening of circuit breaker measures signals good news for our nation but it is in bad faith to consider that we have won the fight against Covid-19 when it still has the rest of the world in its grips. Until a vaccine is found, the social and economic spheres of our lives will undergo remarkable changes in what we will now identify with as a ‘new normal’. As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong remarks, “We must all adjust the way we live, work and play, so that we can reduce the spread of the virus, and keep ourselves safe.”

Read PM Lee’s speech on the new normal here.

Expats & Locals Alike | Health Care & Cover

Our social lives may require some readjustments and priorities may have shifted but one thing remains clear – healthcare remains a top essential need. As a leading health insurance broker for globally mobile expats and locals here in Singapore, we recognise that health care and cover have increasingly taken the forefront of discussions. So, what does the future look like, post-pandemic?

Everyone, from vulnerable groups with pre-existing conditions to the elderly, are bound to be more invested in matters surrounding their health insurance in Singapore. We now understand the importance of good health and know never to take it for granted again.

Find out how the pandemic is affecting people’s mental health globally and learn how you can take care of yours here.

Netflix, a streaming powerhouse, had released an episode focusing on the development of the coronavirus disease in its docu series ‘Explained’. According to experts interviewed on the show, the likelihoods of a pandemic occurring in our world are increased in the coming decades. With knowledge that good healthcare is pivotal in the fight against pandemics and the like, the least we can do is to take preventive care towards one’s own health.

This begins with holistic health planning. Nutrition, regular exercise and regular health check-ups can be easy ways to take care of your health. Many chronic diseases and ailments can be prevented early if you adopt healthy eating habits. Good health goes beyond acquiring GP or hospital insurance plans. However, a hospital insurance plan is one that gives you an assurance, a safety net in times of distress.

As it is already, healthcare costs in Singapore and around the world have been rising dramatically – and we can’t guarantee that it will only continue to rise, considerably so, in a post pandemic world. As reassuring as it is to live and work in a country with a sturdy healthcare system and infrastructure, getting a comprehensive hospital insurance plan will ensure that you have a safety net beneath you – in times of emergencies.

Being protected wherever you go is a mindset that will serve us well in the new normal. The times we live in are unpredictable and volatile. Expats in Singapore may find healthcare costs particularly challenging given the new environment and lack of subsidies that citizens get. We want to help you stay protected and insured in the foreseeable future. What type of insurance plans are recommended for starters?

Hospital Surgical Insurance

Hospital surgical insurance plans cover you for expenses incurred while you’re at the hospital. From your choice of hospitals to worldwide coverage, our hospital surgical insurance plans give you a peace of mind.

You may think that the chances of staying in the hospital aren’t very likely or might happen twice or thrice in your younger years, if they were to happen at all. However, we’d encourage you to secure some coverage for yourself before any accidents happen. Give your family and yourself a peace of mind today.

Find out more about our hospital surgical insurance plans here

GP and Specialist Insurance

Unlike cultures surrounding family doctors abroad, Singaporeans consult a range of general practitioners for smaller medical issues such as the common flu or stomach aches. Getting GP and Specialist Insurance will enable you access to regular health check-ups with your GP. Over time, records of these check-ups also help you lower premiums on your GP insurance.

Find out more about our GP and Specialist insurance plans here

Top-up Coverage

Already have existing healthcare coverage but feeling under-protected? We also offer top-up coverage plans that work in tandem with what you already have by simply upping your accident, annual and lifetime limits.

Find out more about our Top-Up Coverage here

Staying Connected

Even though Phase 2 is bringing us glimpses of life before Covid-19, the sobering reality is that social distancing and safety measures are going to be around for some time. During the circuit breaker, we have come to realise that we are much more social creatures than we let ourselves believe.

Being unable to visit our grandparents, friends and even run simple errands definitely takes a toll on our mental health. Its impact on communities is something we don’t see presented on media everyday – families are living apart in the case of essential frontliners like nurses and caregivers feeling a heavier emotional burden.

How we connect and build relationships have also changed dramatically – video conferencing is the new friday night hangout. PM Lee notes this change, explaining that “It will no longer be so easy to take quick weekend trips to Bangkok or Hong Kong on a budget flight.” With health checks and quarantine becoming the norm, staying connected in a pandemic looks different for all of us.

An Economic Shift

A lot of how we live our lives play directly into the health of the economy. As sectors like entertainment, travel and tourism face significant economic losses due to decreased global and local movement, it is hard to imagine what new opportunities will come by and what businesses will close indefinitely.

As countries strive to become more self-reliant, businesses now need to remodel, pivot and create new opportunities in ways that can save both the company and its employees. Likewise, an increase in demand is seen in the diversification of goods and services as well as mediums in which they operate. One such example is the provision of digital marketing grants by the government to help businesses transform their model during the pandemic.

High numbers of job losses and shutting down of businesses signal a need for expat communities in Singapore to manage their health cover. If you’ve been depending on employee health insurance, it could be time to revisit your policies. It is crucially important for expats of all nationalities in Singapore to be protected with adequate health cover.

Adapting To A Post Covid-19 World

Life, as we know it, post Covid-19 will never be the same. As we spend months in isolation, our habits are changing and so will the economy, the ways in which we connect and the prevalence for quality healthcare.

We want you to be well-informed and be able to make the right decisions when it comes down to protecting what matters to you. A post pandemic world can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It should hardly take a pandemic to recognise the importance of protecting what is important to you and your family – health, financial stability and mental well-being.

When you are able to protect your loved ones, you will also be able to enjoy the other joys of life, with a peace of mind. Let us help you figure out your health – be it hospital, GP or critical illness – insurance plans. Schedule a consultation with our experienced team today.

Authored By John Ntatsopoulos


Over the course of his 34 years career, our CEO, John, have worked predominately in the area of insurance and financial services across major APAC…


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