Keeping Safe this Holiday Season with Home & Contents Insurance

Keeping Safe this Holiday Season with Home & Contents Insurance

The holiday season is an important, and good time to catch up with family and friends. Planning a few dinners and get-togethers gives you space to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is also usually a high-traffic month, so thinking about the safety and security of your loved ones is necessary. Not to mention, the security of your home is crucially important. 

Failing to protect your home and its contents can be a costly mistake. From unexpected electrical fires to robberies, an oversight in insurance planning can set you back financially. The emotional turmoil that comes associated is not without its problems as well. Questions like ‘Did I turn the stove off?’, ‘Was the door locked?’ and ‘What am I forgetting?’ are reflective of how easily anxieties can get the better of us. Unnecessary, these can riddle us senseless when we’re on our way out to celebrate and have some fun. 

Whether it’s externally brought on or a fault of our own, it can never hurt to put in extra security measures. The holiday season is also when you’re much more vulnerable, with high-traffic around this time. Before you set off, it can be helpful to consider all these factors beforehand. 

What is home and contents insurance? How does it help?

Simply put, home and contents insurance offers comprehensive protection for your home and its contents against potential risks such as robberies, fires and damages incurred whilst you were away. 

Given, Singapore is a reliably secure country with low risks to crimes and its frequencies. However, buying a strong home and contents insurance policy is recommended – consider how much safer and secure you’ll feel with valuables in your house, whether you’re on a short trip or just taking a day out. Low crime doesn’t equate to no crime – so keeping a close eye on your home is still crucial. 

Expat Insurance can help you find a comprehensive home and contents insurance plan that offers strong coverage for your home as well as high-ticket belongings (diamond ring, art, cameras, equipment). We also offer tailored plans for those who travel a lot and need that assurance. We also include personal liability – so you can rest assured that your family members are also covered in any case of a forced entry or incident.

Other ways to keep your home safe

Aside from the insurance plan, there are plenty of other ways you can keep your home safe this holiday season. Small, but definitive, these methods are an additional step towards safekeeping. 

Keeping up appearances

An easy way to ward off concerns over potential theft is to keep up the appearances while you’re away. 

Have your neighbours keep your letters and pamphlets for you during your absence. You could also leave a small light on to make it seem like someone’s home. Make sure to pause any and all regular deliveries of papers while you’re away. Nothing says “I’m not home” like a growing collection of unattended items at your door. 

Consider installing a camera 

More a deterrent than anything, a camera will ward off any threats. Cameras can be a useful investment, especially over the holidays when there is high traffic of movement. Additionally, even if something were to occur, you’ll have a record of evidence that allows you to report the crime. This adds a layer of investment in your home and contents insurance plan as well. 

Review and keep your home and contents insurance up to date 

Perhaps a step many may forget or gloss over, keeping your home and contents insurance up to date is crucial. When push comes to shove, insuring your belongings and your home is what you’ll need to do for a worry-free holiday season. 

Make it a point to review your policies yearly. 

Stay safe this holiday season 

With Expat Insurance Singapore, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Tailored and specific, our policies are designed to cover you if things go south. Get the aid of our team of insurance brokers to see what type of policies best meet your needs. 

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