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Red Miller, Midwife and Home Birthing specialist at Love Based Birth, shares with Expat Insurance her favourite methods for preparing your first born children for a new family member. The age of your child will dictate how much explaining is apart of the preparation and which of these suggestions are appropriate.


Try to include these elements into their preparation: see, hear, watch and learn.
1. Involve your little one in some of your prenatal exams

They get to meet and know the midwife or doctor

Listen to the baby’s heart beat

Feel the baby move, feel the position
2. Read books together
Great books include:

A Child is Born

Before you were born

We have a baby

What Baby Needs

Waiting for baby

Hello Baby

Before we met

I’m a big brother

I’m a big sister

Baby on the way

My new baby
3. Include them and have conversations about:

A new baby coming into the family

What having a new person in the family will mean

What the baby will eat
4. Be Creative

Art projects for baby

A gift from them for baby
For more information, we invite you to visit Love Based Birth.

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