How to manage stress, practically

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We can all agree that today’s jobs are putting a strain on our physical and mental wellbeing more than ever before. With technology now at our fingertips 24/7, switching off after hours is becoming almost impossible and sadly, it’s taking a toll on our health. Anxiety, sleep issues and depression are becoming increasingly more common which is why it’s important to try and reduce the negative effects of stress each day.


Here are our top 5 ways for realistically managing stress so you can take control of your life, and feel like the old you once again!



Get Real about Time Management

Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself so that you do not become frustrated or discouraged about the task ahead. Remember that you’re only human and you cannot control everything. Goal-setting is also a good way to get yourself started on a task in bite size pieces as opposed to trying to get it all done at once.


Be a Glass Half Full Person

Think positively, even during stressful situations. Viewing a stressful situation positively helps you see it in a different way. Instead of an obstacle, see the situation as an opportunity to challenge yourself!


Treat yourself

Set aside some time for yourself regularly. Whether it’s a monthly massage, yoga classes, a weekly walk in your favourite park or beach, reading, watching movies, baking, or pampering yourself, find the time to enjoy doing activities that you love and make you feel good. Be consistent and remember that it’s ok to put yourself first.


Move your body

We all know that moving our body shifts our energy, boosts endorphins and allows fresh oxygen and blood to flow to our brains. Whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting off the bus a few stops earlier, make an effort to move your body for at least 30 minutes each day.


Set small daily goals and aim for daily consistency rather than perfect workouts. It’s better to walk every day for 15-20 minutes than to wait until the weekend for a three-hour fitness marathon. Lots of scientific data suggests that frequency is most important.


Balance is key

While getting enough sleep, eating well, and cutting back on alcohol and caffeine does contribute to a happier mindset, it’s important to continue enjoying the things you love in moderation. If chocolate is your weakness, there’s no need to cut it out – simply have 2 small squares each day. Similarly, avoid skipping meals and try to keep healthful, energy-boosting snacks on hand.



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