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Medical Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE


We live in a multichannel world. With the continued rise of smartphone technology and digital interactive means of communication, not everyone wants an emotional connection. Technologies can aid in the research and initial quotation of a proposed insurance policy, so once you submit a quote with us, we focus on good old-fashioned customer care, and make it very easy for you to reach a human.


We are often referred to on social media as a leader, even the authority in the field of Expat Insurance. You are our greatest supporters, satisfied clients who drive our passion to serve you better. Testimonials such as “All I wanted was the original broker to listen to what I needed, so I truly appreciate your help”, “we appreciate that you took the time to explain the varying complexities of the medical insurance we’re seeking in Singapore”, and “I was unsuccessful at finding the right policy for coverage of a newborn baby as most Singapore companies exclude them for the first 14 days, I spoke to Expat Insurance and my mind was immediately set at ease.” These words of encouragement and praise go to show, our clients are not only satisfied but well-educated and equipped to make a qualified decision when selecting their level of cover.


When you submit a quote request with Expat Insurance, we take the time to personally contact you to delve a little deeper, as no two clients can be treated with the same intention. We customise our recommendations for you to ensure you have all the right information to select the most appropriate cover for you and your family.


Often a client will call us to arrange Travel Insurance. Upon investigation, and with a clear understanding of the cover associated with Travel Insurance policy terms and conditions, a client will further consider Home and Content Insurance to cover valuables such as cameras or computers, a four-figure valued watch or a five-figure valued diamond engagement ring.


The majority of expats in Singapore rent condominiums or landed houses. We often spend a great deal of time and money decorating our homes and enjoying the stories behind the acquisition of these items.  Silk textiles from Laos, paintings from Vietnam, Indonesian ikat fabrics used as upholstery, antique teak wood benches from Indonesia, Tibetan handmade rugs, Imperial Chinese furniture, or fine colonial antiques. Available to you are Home Insurance policies that protect your valuables and the general contents of your home while living and working as an expat in Singapore.


Are you planning a family? In Singapore, welcoming a newborn to the family is costly. We can advise on the most economical way to plan for your pregnancy to ensure you are prepared financially, to alleviate any risk that might be associated with the unexpected – as bills for a complicated pregnancy or pre-mature birth in Singapore can reach upwards of $20,000 to $150,000


Expat Insurance is registered as an independent insurance broker with MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). We currently keep more than 20,000 people safe. We work directly for our clients, so when you engage our brokerage we focus on your needs and understanding your family’s needs before recommending appropriate products and solutions in the market.


We work with all carriers regulated in Singapore. So you have access to all products.  Our job is to take great care of you and your family to ensure you get the best value for money coverage available in the market.


Medical Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE


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