If you are looking for home and contents insurance in Singapore, our plan is ideal for expatriates renting a home in Singapore. Expat Insurance offers a range of Contents and Valuables Insurance with premium levels between $350 and $2500. Our priority is to provide you with the best value-for-money home insurance that meets your individual coverage needs.

About Home Insurance in Singapore

Home Insurance for your diamond engagement ring, watches, oriental rugs, fine art, sporting equipment, cameras and computers can all be arranged on an agreed value basis. This means, if you insure an item for $10,000 and experience a loss, you receive a cheque for $10,000 once the claim is authenticated and approved. Just give us a call if you need any clarification on this.

We can also arrange Home and Contents insurance on a worldwide, all risks basis which ensures your jewelry, cameras, golf clubs, scuba gear and other valuable items are covered when you take them outside the home or overseas on holiday. Reach out and book a time to have a chat with our Home and Contents team if you would like to know more about this

We offer coverage for the following:

diamond ringDiamond Engagement Rings

Give us a call today about getting some cover for one of your biggest financial (and emotional!) investments.

art as investment


Talk to us about arranging Art as Investment insurance on a worldwide basis which ensures that all of your valuable pieces of art are covered anywhere in the world.

personal liabilityPersonal Liability

We also offer a wide range of Personal Liability coverage to protect you and your family from unexpected liability losses. Protection includes bodily injury to other persons while in your home and loss or damage to another’s property, which can be covered with limits up to SGD$10M.

Consult Us For Home Insurance in Singapore 

Our priority is to provide you with the best value-for-money Home Insurance that meets your individual coverage needs. Contact us if you have any more questions.

The benefits highlighted above are not found in every Home Insurance policy, so we start by understanding your needs and concerns before offering product options. Once we understand your needs, we provide coverage and price comparisons.

We are compensated by the insurance companies directly, so the benefit of coverage reviews and advice we offer you is free. The premiums we quote are the same as those offered by Insurance Companies to direct buyers, which means we offer the lowest rates. In addition, our strong relationship with insurers often means we can negotiate better terms and conditions for your Home Contents and Valuables Insurance.


If you have any questions about insuring your belongings both here and overseas, we’d love to hear from you! Give our Home and Contents team a call on +65 6439 8030 or just leave us a message below!


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