Hiring a Helper During Covid-19 in Singapore: What You Need to Know

Hiring a Helper During Covid-19 in Singapore: What You Need to Know

For many households in Singapore, employing a domestic helper can be an absolute necessity at times to perform tasks related to childcare, elderly care and housekeeping duties. It can be an excellent decision for people with hectic schedules who want to have more time for their family, careers and personal lives. 

For example, for those having to continue working from home amidst the endemic, juggling a full-time job while being present as a parent for your kids can be quite the challenge. Hiring a helper can then be useful to help you gain a better work-life balance. 

If you have found a helper who meets your needs, there are some things to take into consideration first before you can successfully hire and get her up to speed to manage the essential household tasks for you. 

What to Know Before Hiring a Helper?

1. You will need to meet the eligibility requirements

For starters, it is crucial to check if you are qualified to employ a migrant domestic worker. In accordance with the eligibility criteria by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), employers must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Not an undischarged bankrupt 
  • Have the mental capacity to carry out your role as an employer 

Your financial ability will also be taken into account to ensure that you are capable of providing for your helper’s necessities. Furthermore, if this is your first time hiring a helper, you are also required to attend an Employer Orientation Programme (EOP) at least two working days before the Work Permit application. The EOP is also compulsory for employers who have a history of switching helpers frequently. 

Do note that this will cost about $35 – $60 for either online or in-person classroom EOP.  

2. Stay informed on Covid-19-related procedures

With that being said, it is also important to be updated on the latest Covid-19 precautionary measures pertaining to the helper hiring process. According to MOM, helpers who would like to work in Singapore must first obtain a valid entry approval under the Work Pass Holder Lane. This is done via the SafeTravel portal. 

You can click here to learn more about the Work Pass Holder Lane

3. Be prepared for the costs of hiring a helper

Apart from a monthly average salary of $600, bear in mind that you’ll also have to consider the following upfront expenses:

  • $300 maid levy
  • Agency fee of up to $3,000
  • Work permit application and issuance, $35 each
  • Settling-in programme 
  • $5,000 security bond
  • And extra Covid-19 related costs like the Antigen Rapid Test (ART)

4. Have foreign worker medical insurance

As your helper may require health checkups – and medical care in the event of unforeseen situations –, it is mandatory that you get foreign worker medical insurance for your helper. This includes medical insurance and personal accident insurance to meet the medical obligations as an employer. With a minimum of $15,000 annually to cover inpatient care and day surgery, your helper can be better protected by any eventualities throughout her stay in Singapore.  

Should your helper suffer from permanent disability or pass away as a result of an accident, a lump sum compensation will be provided to cover any financial losses. A comprehensive personal accident insurance policy can take care of the rest on your behalf. The best way to do this is through a reputable provider to ensure that you cover all bases when it comes to insuring your helper’s health and safety. 

Hire a Helper in Singapore at Ease

While the importance of engaging a reliable insurance company is often overlooked, it is an equally crucial aspect to keep in mind to secure your family’s and helper’s safety. Let Expat Insurance advise you on the next steps of procuring the necessary medical insurance plans for your helper in Singapore. 

At the same time, you can also learn more about our range of insurance policies available for you. Our team of experts will design a plan for your family based on what best fits your needs. Moving forward, the right insurance policy will not only protect you financially, but will also provide peace of mind to know that everything possible has been done to safeguard your loved ones. Get in touch with us for more information today. 

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