Group Travel Insurance Plans in Singapore

Travelling is often essential to businesses based in Singapore. But it can become a stressful and expensive affair if things don’t go as planned. The right business travel insurance solution in Singapore can protect your business and employees wherever work takes them. For peace of mind on the move, this group travel business insurance covers employees for a wide range of incidents – from lost passports and cash to major accidents.

Accidents or illnesses that happen to key staff members while representing your interests abroad, or even a family crisis back on the home front can also distract them from the objectives of their business trip. Call us today and we can work with our international network of insurance providers to come up with the best group business travel insurance plans to protect your employees from Singapore while they are on the move.

Why Does My Company Need Group Travel Business Insurance?

Duty of Care is a legal obligation of employers to ensure the health, safety and well-being of their employees in the workplace and while traveling for business. The employment relationship automatically imposes a duty of care on the employer towards its employees. This duty extends to a reasonable duty of care owed when the employee carries out their work or performs functions in relation to work obligations. This also extends to situations where the employee is required to travel on work or is seconded overseas. Any breaches could result in civil claims and/or criminal liability.

Group travel business insurance can protect your business interests in the event of an emergency and demonstrates good duty of care towards your travelling employees. If your travelling is part of the scope, then it would be worth talking to us to see how group travel insurance can keep your business and employees covered.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Group Business Travel Insurance Policy?

With the Group Business Travel Insurance Policy, companies and organisations in Singapore can rest assured that they have fulfilled their role as a responsible employer who cares for their business travellers, ensuring that medical attention and travel assistance are well taken care of while aboard. The additional assurance of swift evacuation from a country where medical facilities are inadequate to a medical centre of excellence also enables business travellers to travel with confidence. Working with a broker on procuring group travel business insurance means that our team can look at your existing suite of benefits and suggest the most suitable package to fill in gaps in your team's group employee benefits plans.

A comprehensive, regionally appropriate group travel business insurance policy can be a cost-effective way to round out a robust suite of employee benefits. Used in conjunction with comprehensive group medical insurance and group personal accident insurance, your teams can travel globally knowing that they are well protected with the travel business insurance. Call us today and we can help you create a robust and comprehensive group travel insurance solution in Singapore for your travelers.

What Is Covered Under A Group Travel Business Insurance?

A group travel insurance plan protects your business interests in the event of an emergency. From flying out a replacement colleague to reimbursement for cancellation expenses, most things can be covered. Business Travel Insurance plans generally offer on-the-spot emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a minor glitch or a major emergency, the right insurance coverage picked out in Singapore offers total peace of mind. Assistance services can make special arrangements to organise to airlift your personnel out of remote areas where proper medical care isn’t available.

Common inclusions in a group travel business insurance policy are:

  • Accidental Death, Permanent Disability and Accidental Burns
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation 
  • Trip cancellation, curtailment and rearrangement expenses
  • Travel and Baggage delay
  • Staff Replacement Expenses
  • Loss of personal property and Baggage
  • Loss of money and travel documents
  • Personal Liability and many more benefits

These are just the basics and depending on your needs or what your other policies include, we can work with you to make sure that the travel business insurance that your teams have when they travel is comprehensive. Drop us a line today and we can assess your coverage and make sure that your people are safe when they are both at home and away.

How Can I Keep Track Of My Business Travelers?

Some of the leading insurers offer technology solutions as part of their policy. These systems have been developed to help employers better fulfil their duty of care obligations to their travelling employees by:

  • Using an online dashboards that monitors travel disruptions in real-time, HR and risk managers are able to track and locate their travelling employees when the disruptions occur
  • Alerting them of the disruptions/incidents through push notifications and SMS so that they stay safe and secure.
  • Once notified, travelling employees in the affected areas are able to access 24/7 emergency assistance at a touch of a button via an app.

Travelers can also be better prepared for their trips by learning the health and safety risks of their destinations. Enabling them to take travel precautions in advance such as vaccinations and high crime areas to avoid.

Contact our specialists today and our team can help negotiate these solutions as part of your group travel insurance coverage in Singapore.

How Do I Get Group Travel Business Insurance?

Get in touch with our corporate solutions team today. Requirements for Group Travel Business Insurance varies across companies. With our experience and extensive network, you’ll be able to procure a comprehensive plan that works best for your business.


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