GP & Specialists Cover


Having a GP and Specialist plan added into your expat health insurance in Singapore can help you to negotiate something that can be really tough to find when you move to a new country; a good doctor. We speak to people about this kind of stuff every day, so we can help you out with advice on any GPs and medical centers that will give you the level of ongoing care that you need. Call us today to have a chat about GP and specialist care and what you have access to on your current Singapore health insurance plan.

Unlike a lot of our experiences at home where you may have had a family GP, here in Singapore it is rare to find continuity with the GP/patient relationship. Having this ongoing follow up support with a healthcare professional means a lot to some people, and if this is you get in touch, and we can help you out with getting health care insurance that includes a GP and Specialist plan.  This can be especially important for families with young children who are on immunization schedules that started in another foreign country and are worried about how that may continue here in Singapore.

Regular visits to the GP are an essential part of any long-term health maintenance plan. Often these visits, especially for healthy women, are done in conjunction with the care of a specialist doctor such as a gynecologist or a pediatrician. Seeking specialist care for routine procedures can end up being pretty costly here, which is why we recommend that you talk to us today and look into having GP and Specialist cover built into your health insurance plan.

Another area that you may wish to explore is seeing that you have access to regular health checks as part of your expat health insurance here in Singapore. These can be valuable for a number pf reasons, one of them being that if you stay healthy and you can prove it with regular health screenings, your premiums will stay nice and low, saving you money each year. Leave us a message here and let us know if you would like to talk about this more.

Some plans have GP and specialist cover already included, however some basic plans included as part of an employment package do not. Reach out to one of our consultants today and find out how much converge you have and how much that you will need.

Is Adding GP And Specialist Cover Something You Are Interested In Doing?

If having a good, consistent long-term health plan and having ongoing relationships with your care providers is your thing, give us a call on +65 6401 9201 or drop us a line and leave your details below!