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Getting GP Insurance in Singapore

When moving to a new country like Singapore, having GP insurance included in your expat health cover is recommended. Finding a good doctor can be a challenge and a strong outpatient insurance coverage here in Singapore will pay off.

The Expat Insurance team has a wealth of experience in working with both individuals and corporates on the different types of GP and outpatient services that can provide you with the level of care you need. For more information on insurance matters, call us today to have a discussion on the sort of outpatient and specialist insurance coverage you can implement on to your current health coverage plans in Singapore.


Living in Singapore | Why is outpatient medical insurance necessary?

Unlike experiences back in your home country where you may have had a family GP for years, in Singapore it can be rare to find continuity in a GP and patient relationship. Having an ongoing follow up support relationship with a healthcare professional can be important for many expats.

If this is you, we recommend getting in touch with our team. We can help you incorporate a GP and Specialist plan into your health insurance. We recognise that this can be especially important for families with young children. For instance, they may be on immunization schedules that started in another foreign country and hence, worried about how that may continue to translate here in Singapore.

Regular visits to the GP are an essential part of any long-term health maintenance plan. Often these visits, especially for healthy women, are done in conjunction with the care of a specialist doctor such as a gynecologist or a pediatrician. Given Singapore’s health infrastructure - one of the world’s best - healthcare costs can get steep. Seeking specialist care for routine procedures can end up being pretty costly here. To better manage your own healthcare costs, schedule a consultation with our team today. Implementing a GP or Outpatient Health Insurance cover into your overall plan can be good planning in hindsight.

Regular GP Check-Ups Made Possible With Insurance

Your expat health insurance coverage can provide you with access to regular health check-ups here in Singapore. These can be valuable for a number of reasons:

1. Regular health check-ups with your GP can promote long-term good health maintenance.

2. Records of these check-ups can help lower the premiums on your GP insurance.

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Some health plans may already have outpatient health insurance included, however some basic plans included as part of an employment package do not. Find out more about your outpatient insurance plans and coverage in Singapore today. Let us help you fill the gaps.


Building a robust healthcare plan - complete with GP and outpatient health insurance - is essential to ensuring a secure lifelong protection in Singapore. Securing your insurance needs with the right care providers can give you a peace of mind!
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Frequently Asked Questions About GP & Specialist Insurance (Outpatient cover)

What is GP & Specialist insurance?

GP & Specialist insurance (also known as outpatient cover) covers you for outpatient visits, ensuring that you get comprehensive and lifelong protection necessary for good health. High medical bills may deter you from going for regular check-ups but with comprehensive coverage, you can worry less about the costs and do what is important for your well-being.

What should I check for before purchasing the policy?

It’s imperative that you check any insurance policy for its wait period, claim terms, coverage, and premiums prior to purchase. Be sure to prepare a list of questions when you meet with your advisor.

Where can I purchase GP & Specialist insurance in Singapore?

Finding good GP & Specialist insurance in Singapore is convenient with our team of advisors. Get in touch with Expat Insurance and procure your insurance needs in Singapore today.

Is Adding GP And Specialist Cover Something You Are Interested In Doing?

If having a good, consistent long-term health plan and having ongoing relationships with your care providers is your thing, give us a call on +65 6401 9201 or drop us a line and leave your details below!


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