Getting your employees insurance in Singapore


When you start a small business, providing employee benefit health insurance is not at the top of your To-Do List. But it’s important to be proactive and provide group insurance in Singapore for your growing workforce. The health of your people is crucial to your success.

What are some of the barriers that you might have when it comes to getting employee benefits for your team?

  • Maybe you think you don’t need it?
  • It’s too expensive
  • You don’t understand what you need

Our team will help you to support your business growth. We understand your challenges and your needs. We are familiar with the industry and we stay up to date with all of the current trends in protection and insurance. By letting us take care of protecting your people, you can turn your attention to keeping your business on track.

Our team create holistic health solutions to support your business. This means that we can offer leading employee benefits insurance in Singapore without the premium price tag. Our health packages go above and beyond by providing:

Digital Healthcare

Virtual GPs provide employees with access to healthcare professionals, anytime, anywhere.

This is convenient, cost effective and means that there is less time out the office. Digital tools are also removing inefficient paperwork and giving healthcare access to employees when they actually need it.

Proactive benefits

Singapore has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world. Simple procedures can cost thousands, so it is essential to be aware of the implications of not providing the right health protection for employees.

Today’s global professionals expect more, with good health benefits being at the top of their wish list. You cannot put a price on making employees feel safe and valued. Insufficient coverage for your teams could cots you:

  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Longer term absence
  • Higher staff turnover

Having the right employee value proposition helps you to stand out from the crowd. Being proactive about protecting their health will help you to:

  • Attract top talent
  • Retain existing staff
  • Create the right culture and drive employee engagement

So the question to you might be, ‘Can you afford NOT to have group medical insurance?’ Give us a call. Our knowledgeable and committed team will go through your business needs with you and help tailor the best Employee Benefits scheme for your growing business.

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