Foreign Worker Medical Insurance | What should I know?

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance | What should I know

Having domestic helpers to aid in the daily household chores, taking care of children and elderly parents hardly comes off as a surprise. With both parents working, domestic helpers play an important role in helping families keep households running smoothly. 

Health packages, especially hospital and surgical insurance and the like, can be incredibly useful in helping you keep costs low at hospitals. Known for its robust health systems, Singapore’s healthcare is reliable and one of the best worldwide. With that, comes higher medical costs. At Expat Insurance Singapore, our team works with both corporate and individual profiles to work out relevant health insurance packages. To be insured is to protect your future – and it is best done early. 

As our domestic helpers care for our children and families, the best way you can pay it forward is to ensure that their well-being and safety is cared for as well. The best way to go about this is to acquire a comprehensive foreign worker medical insurance plan for them. This ensures that you can provide for their medical needs – should and when they arise – without the financial burden of unexpected costs. 

As your reliable health insurance brokers, look to us for tailored plans and rider schemes – all planned out according to the needs of your domestic helpers.

What type plans are there?

First time buying foreign worker medical insurance? Fret not, we have gathered the relevant information you’ll need to understand before purchasing one. 

We’ll take a look at the most basic of insurance schemes:

A general insurance plan, it satisfies both Ministry of Manpower regulations and offers protection for both you and your domestic helper. Depending on your comfort level and need, you can go for health insurance packages that range from more basic types to the advanced ones. 

The most basic type will ensure a peace of mind for you – your domestic helper will be covered for personal accidents, hospitalisation and outpatient medical expenses. More advanced plans cover additional benefits in cases of serious injury or sickness that disallows continuation of domestic services as well as coverage for expenses. 

Even if you are unsure, starting off with a basic foreign worker medical insurance can be helpful in protecting your helper. When you hire domestic helpers, the onus is often on the employer to protect and provide for the helper – especially when they do so much for us!

What are the benefits of the medical insurance – for me and my helper?

Acquiring foreign worker medical insurance is a win-win – for both you and your helper. 

Our domestic helpers come here to work for us, take care of our children and maintain the house – at the minimum, we can protect their health and safety to ensure good well-being, so that they can also continue to provide for their families back home. 

With a foreign worker medical insurance scheme, you receive an assurance for worry-free hospital admission, coverage for hospital and surgical expenses and reduce your liability (in case you have concerns that your security bond may be forfeited due to events beyond your control). Renewals of insurance and work permits can also be done hassle-free.

Fulfilling Legal Requirements

Above all else, as an employer, it is legally mandated by MOM to seek medical and personal accident insurance for your domestic helper. On that basis, it makes prudent sense for you to secure a foreign worker medical insurance for your helper. You can always upgrade to advanced plans when the time arises. 

It’s especially important to remember the responsibilities you helm as an employer when hiring a domestic helper to aid around the house.

Secure Foreign Worker Medical Insurance

Beyond legal responsibilities, a sense of care and concern is crucial in protecting our domestic helpers and the invaluable work they do here. As they leave their own families behind to come work for us here, it lies on us to be responsible for their well-being. 

Securing them a sense of belonging and assurance can be done with a basic foreign worker medical insurance plan. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss what insurance policies and riders might be best for you and your helper.

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