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1I already have Life Insurance through my work, do I need private cover too?

Having cover through your work is always a positive asset, however we recommend it is viewed as a bonus, and not overly relied upon. The reason for this is in the event that you lose your job, or choose to leave the company, your Life Insurance protection will be lost, thus leaving you and your family uninsured against the unexpected. At Expat Insurance, we recommend that you purchase an additional plan to run alongside your employer’s coverage because it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your family’s future protection.

2I’ve just started a family and I’m on a tight budget. What type of life insurance policy should I consider purchasing?

3I don’t have any dependents, do I need insurance?

4How much life insurance do I need?

5Why buy life insurance?


1Is there a limit on the number of trips I am able to take with an annual policy?

As long as none of your trips exceed 90 days, an annual travel policy allows you to take an unlimited number of trips within a 12 month period.

2Will my annual travel plan renew automatically?

3Are medical expenses covered by travel policies?

4Are extreme sports covered?

5What is the maximum number of days covered per trip?

6What information do I need to provide if I require emergency assistance while overseas?


1What’s the difference between a deductible, a co-payment and coinsurance?

All three are charges that you must pay out of pocket, even if you have insurance. A Deductible is the initial amount you must pay before your insurer will start to chip in. A co-payment is a flat amount you pay toward each bill and Coinsurance is a fixed percentage, rather than a flat amount, that you pay towards each bill.

2Do medical policies cover me when I travel outside the country?

3What is a deductible?

4How long is the wait period for Maternity Coverage?

5Can I choose my own doctor?

6Can I buy medical insurance if I am on a Long Term Social Visit Pass?

7What are the 30 conditions covered by Critical Illness Insurance?

8Are healthcare plans portable should I relocate outside of Singapore?

9Will I be covered for medical treatment performed outside Singapore?

10Can I get covered for pre-existing conditions?

11Is it possible to supplement my work Medical insurance and how?

12Can I get just Maternity insurance cover?

13Can I pay extra and have no waiting period on Maternity insurance cover?

14What is a pre-existing condition? How can I get this covered?

15 I just found out I’m pregnant, what are my options?

16 Are there additional charges if I purchase my policy through Expat Insurance rather than directly through the insurer?

17Do you offer a discount if I purchase multiple policies with you?

18Can I top up just for dental and/or check-ups and vaccinations?

19Can I just buy outpatient cover? (GP’s and specialists)


1Can I insure my valuables: jewelry, watches and sporting equipment under the same policy as general contents?

Yes. Typically, small additional premium ratings are charged for insuring these types of items. It’s important to check your Limits per item to avoid being underinsured in the case of a loss.

2What happens if I lose my engagement ring?

3Are my contents covered on a worldwide basis?