Expecting A Baby? 3 Reasons Why You Need Expat Maternity Health Cover

Expecting A Baby? 3 Reasons Why You Need Expat Maternity Health Cover


Receiving news that you and your partner are expecting is both exciting and nerve-racking. At first glance, there can be numerous issues that may need to be addressed – a preference for hospitals, doctor visits, type of birth and the journey of the pregnancy. You’ll see that many of these aspects involve one key component – a heavy reliance and need for top-quality medical care and attention. 

Living in Singapore has its advantages – a first-class healthcare system is one of them. However, with quality comes higher costs as well. As an expat in Singapore, moreover an expectant mother, health cover is very important. It is important to recognise the extent to which your expatriate health insurance covers you for. Many times, regular term life insurance or medical does not cover you for pregnancy-related medical expenses. 

Is pregnancy or maternity insurance really necessary?

Many mothers may consider maternity insurance unnecessary but truth is, it can help insure areas that regular expatriate health insurance may not. Before making a decision, both partners can benefit from understanding the breadth and depth of pregnancy-related costs – from prenatal to postpartum care. 

Not only can maternity insurance protect both mother and baby during the pregnancy, it pays forward in terms of insuring your baby’s future needs as well as preempt you from bearing the brunt of unexpected financial strains. 

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With the credibility and experience brought by the Expat Insurance team, moms-to-be and their partners can schedule a discussion to iron out any questions they have prior to purchasing maternity insurance cover.

Covering mother and baby for pregnancy-related causes

Maternity insurance protects both mother and child in cases of pregnancy complications – insuring you against potential complications. Though complications may be in and of itself rare, it never hurts to be safe. 

Complications can occur at any point in the pregnancy and as soon-to-be parents, you’d want to be able to care for your baby. Even though complications are rare, they can occur anytime. If it does happen, having your maternity insurance can go a long way in protecting you and your baby for a safe full-term pregnancy. 

When it comes to expat maternity health cover, what is covered? 

The short answer is it depends policy to policy, and the insurer you are working with. Generally, expatriates looking for maternity health insurance here can expect congenital diseases, hospital expenses, pregnancy complications and death coverage to be consistently offered across policies. Some maternity policies also offer flexibility in periods of coverage, with short-term options available for those needing only that. 

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Chances may be low for a pregnancy or medical complication to arise but preempting the possibilities and insuring your baby and yourself for a smooth pregnancy is the best start you can give your family.

Protecting your baby’s future insurance needs

A common misconception is that insurance can be bought at any time as long as money isn’t an issue. This is hardly the case. Money and good health go hand in hand in acquiring a solid healthcare insurance plan. 

With high medical costs in Singapore, not only do expats need to plan ahead for a hassle-free experience in ensuring good health and well-being with health cover – locals do too. On top of safeguarding you and your baby from the financial costs borne out of pregnancy complications, buying maternity insurance also gives you a headstart on protecting your baby’s needs post-birth. 

A handful of maternity plans offer the choice of transferring the insurance to the baby post-birth without any medical underwriting or assessment. We have already recognised that the unknowns during and post-pregnancy can be challenging and unpredictable, but there are opportunities to protect and insure your baby. 

The advantage of a maternity cover is that it gives you and your partner the chance to consider this aspect while covering both mother and baby during the pregnancy itself. Give your baby the head start and security it needs.

Avoiding unnecessary financial strains

High financial costs often come unprecedented – which explains why foresight is crucial in pregnancy planning. Every couple wants a smooth-sailing pregnancy but it’s often in the unexpected developments along the way that we see a common pattern in emotional distress. Financial costs that have not been planned for! 

Aside from congenital diseases, there are other medical problems that many parents-to-be worry about. It is perfectly normal to be concerned and anxious about these developments, hoping they will not be something you would have to face at any point. Here at Expat Insurance Singapore, we truly see the benefits in planning ahead. 

Insuring both mother and baby can provide for a peace of mind during the pregnancy, covering for high medical costs cropping up from these issues. Parents-to-be can consider the tradeoffs occurring between policies covering you for the highest amount versus ones that cover more common or frequent pregnancy issues.

Discuss insurance needs with Expat Insurance Singapore

Welcoming a child into the world is an intimate, special and precious experience. We urge parents, both expats and locals in Singapore, to consider how maternity health cover can protect both health and financial needs of the mother and baby. 

By explaining how maternity insurance can protect and support the transition and growth of your baby’s future – we cannot stress the importance of making sure you apply for the cover in time. Like many other (expatriate or otherwise) health insurance plans, there are wait periods, conditions and underwriting policies. Understandably, options dwindle when individuals only plan for cover upon getting pregnant. 

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Many may be unaware of the conditions surrounding wait periods and how some plans are not purchasable on a standalone basis. Growing a family in Singapore is an excellent choice for expatriates and we want to be there every step of the way to help you make an assessment of your health insurance needs. 

Get in touch with our team to give your family the security and strong start it deserves.

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