We are focused on delivering Employee Benefit Programmes

to a globally-mobile client base.


Our understanding of the different coverage requirements of expatriates and local nationals means we are highly skilled in designing bespoke, multi-tiered employee benefit solutions. Our unique 5 step blueprint to Building Better Employee Benefits allows you to maximize coverage whilst managing costs.Expat Insurance was awarded Singapore Broker of the Year 2016, for its Employee Benefits leadership. Contact us to find more


Our unique approach

Building Better Employee Benefits.
We provide clients with bespoke Employee Benefits customised to your needs and then launch and administer the Employee Benefits programmes with our award-winning service.

It is critical for you to be strategic about your employee benefits spend while embracing your responsibility to deliver on the promise of protection. There is no one-size-fits all solution. In each client partnership, we aim to provide true and realized value for you and your people.

We believe the best results come when employee benefits programmes are insight-driven and data-powered. Our goal is to provide solutions that are sustainable for you, your business, your employees and their families.

We focus on removing the technical complexity of product and programme design so we can help you simplify the decision-making process.

We look forward to engaging in partnership to create a total solution.

We engage with you and your team with the belief that the process and the journey we experience together will be informative and transparent.

Power Woman of


Danielle Warner is a disruptor driven to make an impact on a global scale by breaking the status-quo in a stale industry. She brings a promise of something bigger to the employee benefits space by creating a culture of trust designed to attract, engage and retain the talent that will take your business and brand global.

Danielle is the founder of Expat Insurance, and believes in creating partnerships which provide true and realized value for companies and their people. Visit Danielle's website here.