Employee Benefits Insurance Schemes In Singapore



Well Protected and Healthier Mobile Professionals.


To deliver the best health & protection advice, solutions and services to employers of diverse and mobile professional workforces.

We understand that attracting and retaining talented professionals in Singapore is not easy. We understand HR terminology is changing, that the definitions of expatriate, localised foreigners, and local employee benefit plans as well as health insurance policies are evolving as regional business travel becomes commonplace. Amidst these changes, we recognise that quality health insurance protection is extremely important to this mobile talent pool. For firms to remain competitive, having the right employee value proposition starts with offering employee based insurance plans to global talents working in Singapore. We are leading the way in designing new employee benefit solutions in line with existing health insurance policies for employers of high-skilled professionals. Call us to discuss how we can help your firm attract and retain talented employee pools with a robust benefits and insurance scheme in Singapore.

We dare to be different. We are passionate about partnership. We are serious about service. We love what we do, and are committed to meeting the needs of our clients.


Developing Competitive Employee Insurance Schemes in Singapore

How can Expat Insurance help firms enhance employee benefits packages on top of existing insurance policies in place?

As an award-winning boutique insurance brokerage, we work independently and are committed to serving the needs of our clients. Your interests always come first. By educating our clients on how the market works and evolves, we value-add with meaningful, actionable insights that are applicable to employee benefits and health insurance plans they have with their employers. We develop a deep understanding of your business and utilise that to produce holistic services and solutions that are results-oriented. Our culture and philosophy empowers the team to provide you with exceptional client service.

Our unique 5 step blueprint to Building Better Employee Benefits allows you to develop the best programme for your business that maximizes insurance coverage in Singapore whilst managing costs. Moreover, our flexible service model aligned to your needs will provide you a superior customer service regardless of your firm size. All with one goal, to provide high-quality, sustainable employee benefit programs and health insurance plans for you, your business, your employees and their families.

Expat Insurance was awarded Singapore Broker of the Year Singapore Broker of the Year for 3 years running (2016, 2017 & 2018) by Asian Banking & Finance Magazine for our Employee Benefits leadership. Contact us to find out more.


Building Better Employee Benefits Programs and Insurance Plans For Employees in Singapore

We believe the best results come when employee benefits programmes as well as the health insurance policies picked for employees in Singapore are insight-driven and data-powered. Understanding your company culture, your people and your benefits philosophy enables us to create bespoke Health & Benefits programmes aligned to your business’ objectives.

We are focused on removing the technical complexity of the product and programme design by providing clear recommendations to help you simplify your decision-making process. We fight for delivery of good employee benefits and health insurance plans offered in the Singapore market and drive the best deals for your business. Procuring insurance is about delivering the peace of mind that comes with the promise of protection, not getting lost in the confusing terms and conditions.

Paramount in our partnership role is a desire and action to minimize the workload and resources required by you. When it comes to health insurance, employee benefits should respond in accordance with their design, intention, terms and conditions. When this does not happen, or when a member has questions, concerns or feedback on their interaction and experience with an insurer at time of claim, we are here for you.

We will interact and engage with employees’ queries, claims and escalations directly on a day to day basis, providing additional resources at no extra cost to you. With most of our corporate clients, our team becomes an extension of your team.

Pivotal to the success of any employee health & benefits programme complete with insurance in Singapore is clear communication. Our team is available to conduct Employee Communication Sessions on-site or online, providing your members with a programme overview and an understanding of how to access their benefits.

The world of business is continuously evolving so your employee benefits programmes and health insurance policies should alter alongside the market in Singapore. We help you review plan designs and claims data to ensure the programmes remain in line with your business objectives and your employee value proposition.

It is critical for you to be strategic about your employee benefits and insurance spend while embracing your responsibility to protect your employees and your business in Singapore. There is no one-size-fit solution. In each client partnership, we aim to provide true and realized long-term value for you and your people.

We look forward to engaging in partnership to create a total solution.