Diamond Ring Lost in Sand….

diamond ring

Diamond engagement ring lost in the sand…


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Losses like this often bare a shocking response: “it’s not covered!”  These types of losses are all too common, but the policies that provide coverage for such claims are not.  The priority at Expat Insurance is to provide customers with professional advice on distinctive Home Insurance products, so that disasters like these do not end in disappointment.



Rolex Disappears from Man’s Wrist

After swimming at Sentosa, Mr Smith noticed his Rolex missing from his wrist.  Typically, unexplained losses are not covered, as most Home Insurance policies only cover loss by theft.  Mr Smith had received good insurance advice and his insurer issued a cheque for the full value of his watch.



Pearl Earring Goes Missing from Pair

What use is one earring without the other?  Unfortunately, many Home insurers do not recognize the loss of part of a pair.  Because Mrs Smith chose the right coverage, her insurer offered to either source a new earring or surrender the remaining earring and receive full payment for the value of the pair.


Camera Lost of Tokyo Train

Mr Smith left his Canon on a packed Tokyo subway.  Later, he was shocked to learn the camera was not covered by his travel insurance, as these policies do not reimburse you for valuable items lost or damaged abroad.  Fortunately, Mr Smith’s home insurance policy covered his articles worldwide and he received a cheque for the exact value of his camera.



Red Wine Spills on Oriental Rug

A dinner party guest dropped red wine on Mrs Smith’s oriental rug. A loss such as this is usually not covered by standard policies and if it is, the policy may impose depreciation on the rug and apply a deductible on the claim.  Mrs Smith’s coverage had no such limitations.  When the stain could not be removed, she was paid 100% of the insured value.



Expat Insurance is Singapore’s most respected insurance intermediary since 2008 exclusively for Expats. We provide complimentary advice on a complete portfolio of products including: home, medical, travel, motor and business.


Home & Contents Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE


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