Dental Protection for Expats in Singapore

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If you’re an expat living in Singapore with health insurance, you might not be aware that Dental Insurance typically does not come as a standalone policy, but instead is an add-on to your main medical insurance.


Generally your Medical Insurance will cover you for emergency dental treatment for the damage to your natural teeth caused by accidents. This includes the common slip, trip and fall accidents but it excludes damage to your teeth due to eating or chewing.


Did you know that you can also enhance your Medical Insurance to include coverage for dental services such as routine oral examinations, cleaning and polishing. Certain complicated procedures like extraction, root canal, fillings, implants, crowns, orthodontics (braces) etc. can also be covered depending on the level of dental insurance that you have.


Most insurers have a capped limit on the amount of dental treatment you can claim in one year. Depending on the insurance provider and the dental treatment required, coverage can range from $250 to $8000. Some plans will also require you to co-pay some of your dental expenses, but the Expat Insurance team can explain the coverage details and differences to you.


Unlike maternity insurance, most dental insurance plans allow you to utilize the coverage immediately, but this can vary on the insurance provider and on the type of dental treatment you require. If you need immediate care, please be sure to let your Expat Insurance advisor know so we can find the plan best suited to your needs.


For routine dental checks, some insurers allow you to use the benefit immediately but some will impose a waiting period varying from 3 to 9 months before you are eligible for the dental benefits. For more complicated procedures like orthodontics, the waiting period can go up to 2 years.


To ensure your dental needs are covered as an expat in Singapore, speak to one of our award winning insurance advisors about dental insurance or Request A Quote here.


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