Dealing With The Coronavirus Anxiety: Health, Wellness Insurance in Singapore

Dealing With The Coronavirus Anxiety- Health, Wellness & Insurance in Singapore

Is the coronavirus outbreak making you anxious? You are not alone. Like the rest of the world, many of us have been spending countless hours at home – working remotely, managing familial duties and our own concerns surrounding the development of this virus. 

As you may have noticed, stricter measures have been implemented with the onset of a circuit breaker period by the government. On top of preventive measures such as safe social distancing and mask-wearing, the circuit breaker is meant to pre-empt and mitigate the further spread of Covid-2019. Only recently, the circuit breaker has been extended – lasting a whole two months – as cases continue to mount. During the circuit breaker, individuals are encouraged to stay-at-home – only going out to procure essential groceries and items as well as limiting social contact to only immediate family members. Many businesses have also been instructed to close, with only essential stores remaining open.

Understandably, many of us may be dealing with anxiety, depression and accumulated stress from isolating at home. The consequences of a pandemic such as this has ripple effects on both physical and mental health – at times, with both interacting and influencing each other. 

The world is seemingly at a standstill and it is normal to feel out of place. However, to weather the storm, each and every individual plays a big role in safeguarding their health and following instructions to protect the vulnerable. Coping with anxiety can be a big issue in these times – how can you effectively do so? 

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Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety: Strategies and Tools

Coping with anxiety brought on in part due to the coronavirus pandemic can be challenging but one of the first steps to take is to remember that the Covid-2019 outbreak is not going to last forever. When we observe stockpiling, we need to understand that these are simply reflections of panic behaviours that stem from dealing with anxiety that comes from uncertainty. 

By separating fact from fiction, an accurate representation of the coronavirus outbreak can help us understand where and why these fears arise, helping us to manage dealing with anxiety better in the coming months. 

Taking care of your mental health is just as important to your overall wellness – just like you would procure insurance to protect your medical needs in Singapore.

1. Equip Yourself With The Right Information

Coping with anxiety can be much more manageable if you stick to using official sources as your medium of information. 

One of the biggest issues with anxiety is the tendency to overthink or exaggerate future scenarios based on fears. The problem with pandemics are the high rates of misinformation and misrepresentation of situations. Experiencing a pandemic like the Covid-2019 situation is not an everyday occurrence. Many of us are facing high stress levels and dealing with anxiety as we navigate uncharted waters. 

Some of the recommended sources to follow are the WHO, where they have a dedicated panel for  coronavirus-related issues and the MOM Advisory for localised news and updates. Those living in Singapore can also subscribe to the official government channels on WhatsApp and Telegram. 

2. Shift Focus To Things You Can Control

As we experience massive upheaval and times of uncertainty follows, we can practice meditative techniques and mindfulness. Understanding the triggers behind your anxiety levels go a long way in rationalising these feelings and coming to control. 

Many have also found it helpful to focus on things that they can control such as health and wellness initiatives and measures – these include insurance plans and signing up for fitness classes in communities in Singapore. Establishing a routine for your overall wellness can help you stay healthy and focused mentally and physically. Likewise, the assurance of an insurance plan in Singapore can keep your worries on financial expenses to a minimum. If you are an expat employee living and working in Singapore, it is also recommended that you take on private medical insurance for wider coverage. This also reduces the sphere of factors that can make coping with anxiety harder. 

Once these essentials are taken care of, ensure that you make time for a healthy well-being by factoring in self-care breaks, investing some effort and time into new skills or personal hobbies as well as practice calmness over work. 

To understand how we can help secure your health and wellness, be it through insurance or support, contact our team in Singapore for a discussion.

3. Protect Your Health & Wellness: Insurance in Singapore

The Covid-2019 outbreak signals the importance of having medical insurance to secure the health and wellness of your being – regardless of the situation. If you are an expat living and working in Singapore, you may have some form of employee medical insurance registered under your employer. However, it is generally recommended to supplement the coverage of your health and wellness with a private insurance plan in Singapore as well. Medical bills here can get costly – preparing ahead can help you prevent that. 

Buying medical insurance right at this moment with the intention of insuring against the coronavirus is counterintuitive. Health and wellness insurance needs and plans are preventive measures that must be taken ahead of time with the hopes of minimising the financial burden lest anything happens. This is an effective method of coping with anxiety – you are exerting control over the issues you can. 

That said, it is never too late to secure adequate health insurance coverage. Consider scheduling a consultation with our team to understand the different aspects of insuring your health and wellness

4. Take The Necessary Health Precautions

Finally, some of the best reassurance comes from taking the necessary health precautions for your overall health and well-being. Coping with your anxiety can be managed with these steps:

  • Wearing masks to protect yourself and others 
  • Adhering to the social distancing and circuit breaker rules 
  • Practising personal hygiene by washing hands regularly with soap and water for 30 seconds
  • Using alcohol-based sanitisers in place of hand-washing if necessary 

This is also a good time to incorporate some balance into your diet and have regular movement through an exercise routine of your choice to keep endorphin levels stable. Take note of how you are feeling mentally and make it a habit to connect with your friends and family to keep in touch. 

Aside from procuring and investing in your health and wellness with an insurance plan in Singapore, these self-care management tips can also benefit you greatly in dealing with anxiety aroused from the outbreak.

Staying Safe & Managing Anxiety Levels During Covid-2019

The Covid-2019 is not the only occurrence that needs to happen before we pay attention to our health and wellness. The importance of an insurance plan can help you mitigate and manage risks as well as financial costs in Singapore. Even though the insurance aids in physical health and well-being, having it in place can also provide a reassurance that makes dealing with anxiety a tad bit more manageable. 

We may not notice it but over time, establishing a routine and regulating our emotions can be very helpful in guiding us towards dealing with anxiety triggered by the pandemic.

Find out how we can help you with your health and wellness insurance plans by scheduling an appointment with us in Singapore.

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