Coronavirus: Flattening The Curve For Our Wellness | Insurance in Singapore

Coronavirus: Flattening The Curve For Our Wellness | Insurance in Singapore

How is the coronavirus impacting our habits when it comes to health and wellness? Given the uptick in insurance related news, mental health programs and immunity measures online, it is safe to say that the pandemic is getting to the best of us.

Despite elaborate containment measures, it is hard to ascertain the success rates of keeping transmission numbers low. Without a cure or a vaccine in sight, experts have gauged that the best course of action is to stay home and reduce contact with community members, especially the vulnerable like elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Likewise, the pandemic has infiltrated varying aspects of our lives – disrupting livelihoods, causing a spike in mental health illnesses as well as pre-empting the onset of a possible recession.

Health, Wellness & Insurance: Measures in Singapore

Although every outbreak is different – with varying measures, outcomes and future protocols – we can learn a thing or two from these outbreaks. Living in a world like ours necessitates a measured response to the possibilities of future outbreaks – it is hard to claim that we are unlikely to ever experience another pandemic like the SARS, MERS or Covid-2019.

Staying safe goes beyond vitamins, exercise and healthy diets. It pays to be familiar with the terminology used by official sources like health bodies and governments. If reading numerous coronavirus updates has you reeling for memory, here are some of the commonly used terms and what they mean.

Covid-2019 Common Terms What Do They Mean?
Community Spread This means that individuals in an area have been infected by the coronavirus.
Community spread can be problematic because there can be asymptomatic people.
Asymptomatic Asymptomatic patients carry the virus but display no symptoms.
Pandemic A pandemic refers to the widespread condition of a virus – it can be prevalent all around the world.
Fatality Rate The fatality rate represents the percentage of people who die from the virus compared against the total numbers of infected persons.
It is also commonly referred to as fatality risk.
Incubation You will often see this being referred to as a phrase – ‘incubation period’.
It refers to the period during which the person is first exposed to the virus and when they develop symptoms.
Isolation Infected persons are mandated to practise isolation – this is, by far, the most effective method of containing and reducing the spread of the coronavirus.
Flattening the curve This refers to the process of isolating, distancing and being socially responsible to prevent further community spread. By reducing the rate of transmissions, healthcare systems will not be excessively strained.

Development of measures in Singapore

The pattern of spread in Singapore has gone through several highs and lows – with high numbers of imported cases transitioning to a surge in community cases when the lockdown measures were implemented. 

Singapore’s fight against the coronavirus has largely been influenced by past experiences dealing with other infectious diseases. From the circuit breaker to technology-abled applications such as TraceTogether, we have shown remarkable progress in containing the impact of the pandemic. 

Similarly, just as the pandemic has far-reaching effects – both on businesses and individuals, the government along with other official organisations have rolled out several initiatives to help business owners tide over the financially challenging period. 

Are you a business owner? Find out how you can manage and empathise with your employees during this time here.

What do these terms mean for us?

Being encouraged to practise social distancing and isolation are serious but effective measures that seem to work against the virus. 

Without a vaccine or effective medication, the best way we can work towards safeguarding our health and wellness – amongst other things like insurance in Singapore and everywhere else – is to social distance and stay home. Doing so will protect especially vulnerable groups amongst us such as the elderly, children and those who are immunocompromised. Not only that, it also instills respect for the immense efforts our frontline workers are putting in to manage the healthcare resources. 

Concerned about your health and wellness? Make sure you have all the insurance requirements and plans in place in Singapore. Known for top-quality healthcare services, it also pays to have a robust plan in place if you are an expat here. Led by an experienced team, contact us to enquire about various insurance plans we provide in Singapore.

Covid-2019: Protecting Health & Wellness? | Insurance Coverage in Singapore

Without a doubt, the virus obviously causes impact on physical health when contracted. Even if you are an asymptomatic carrier, there is no telling that symptoms or complications will not occur later on in the stages. 

Not taking any chances is the best course of action in a situation like this – for the benefit for everyone, especially the vulnerable. We encourage everyone to take all the necessary precautions and practise good hygiene habits during this time. Additionally, a healthy diet and well-thought out insurance plan can be very reassuring in a time like this and for future circumstances. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Likewise, being prepared makes all the difference as well. 

Read more on how you can manage and cope with anxiety better during the pandemic.

Emerging Stronger From A Pandemic

Pandemics are probably going to be a much more common occurrence than you think in the future. Managing your own health & wellness will play a huge part in how our society and the world will face and overcome massive outbreaks like these. 

Prioritising your healthcare needs can come in many different forms – starting with a secure health and wellness insurance plan in Singapore. If you are an expat living and working in Singapore, it becomes even more essential to have a robust and perhaps even wider coverage based insurance plan here. 

Observing the exponential jumps in cases across countries like Italy and France, we can conclude that collective action is crucial to helping healthcare systems in our own countries manage with the demand in fair ways. When healthcare facilities are strained in times like these, ensuring your overall wellness with a comprehensive insurance plan in Singapore will be your safety net for any emergency or illness that strikes. 

To let us help you find the right plan, reach out to us online here.

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