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British expat, Andrew found himself in a Singapore private hospital having what looked like a slight infection which resulted in a flare up of unidentifiable blisters on his face, causing his face to swell. After seven days of investigation which involved IV drips, pain killers, swabs and a medical biopsy, the doctors could not identify the condition or diagnose the infection.

The biopsy did not show the blisters to be infectious.  After some improvement, Andrew was allowed to return home, but was told to rest for a further three weeks, or at least until the swelling subsided before allowing him to return to work.

The Surgery and Hospital changes amounted to SGD$25,000. Andrew had no out-of-pocket expense as he was covered in full from his medical insurance and furthermore, the hospital was paid direct.

Discovering a family member has a serious medical condition is traumatic enough. Finding out that treatment, cost of surgery and hospitalisation is expensive will bring on an additional worry. One which could be avoided!

If you currently have medical insurance in place, revisit your policy annually to ensure you fully understand your coverage, or confide in a broker for a policy assessment. The service is free of charge and this process will provide you with peace of mind.

Navigating through an insurance policy product summary, exclusions and definitions associated with a medical policy is not only time consuming but confusing as well. Choosing the wrong plan, or worse, no plan at all, can leave a family open to unnecessary financial risk and more disturbing, without prioritised access to medical care or emergency services as an expat living and working away from home.

When you confide in the guidance of an insurance broker, you alleviate your fear of the unknown. A licensed broker will guide you through available products best suited to your lifestyle, budget and individual needs.

Your insurance broker will be well-equipped to educate you and advise in the field of expat medical insurance and understand the idiosyncrasies associated with complementary types of insurance such as travel, medical evacuation and repatriation, home, personal liability, maternity, dental, employee benefits (also known as group medical insurance), and be capable of guiding you through research, selection, application to your preferred insurer and the claims process.

What To Expect From Your Broker?

First Hand Experience

Insurance brokers work closely with insurers on a daily basis. This is helpful when negotiating terms of coverage when a pre-existing condition or special requirement needs to be addressed. Often the outcome will be in your favour due to the understanding, confidence and communication established between the insurer and your independent broker.


A broker works for you, not the insurer and is focused on helping you choose an insurance plan best equipped to respond to your needs and within your budget.

Free of Charge

Insurance brokers are able to provide their services free of charge to you because brokers are paid a commission by the insurance companies they represent.

Results Driven

Insurance brokers are extremely good negotiators. They are firm yet considerate when it comes to negotiating terms of coverage with individual insurers. Remember your broker works for you!


A distinct advantage of working with an independent broker is that you will be presented with multiple products available in the market ensuring you can make a qualified decision when you are ready to apply and submit your request for coverage.


Insurance products and insurers come and go. It is important for an independent broker to conduct market research to ensure they are presenting the most competitive products available in the market. The ongoing transparency your broker has with you and the partnerships they form with the insurance companies are the two most important ingredients for success

Claim Support

Insurance brokers can provide the guidance needed to ensure that your medical bills are processed and paid for in a timely manner.

Expat Insurance For Expat By Expats

Expat Insurance is registered as an independent insurance broker with MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). We currently keep more than 20,000 people safe! We work directly for our clients, so when you engage our brokerage we focus on your needs and understanding your family’s needs before recommending appropriate products and solutions in the market.

We are licensed to work with all carriers regulated in Singapore. Having evaluated the numerous products available in the market, Expat Insurance has identified those that offer the broadest coverage, catering to the unique needs of expatriates.

Feel free to reach out to the team on 6401 9201 or [email protected] Our job is to take great care of you and your family to ensure you get the best value for money coverage available.

Medical Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE

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