Choosing The Right Doctor For You


How to choose your Doctor in Singapore?


You have just arrived and found your home, school and now working on finding some friends. It’s easy to forget about locating your family doctor until there is a real need. To avoid any last minute urgency, do your homework and locate a General Practitioner that suits you and your family.



1. Where are you living? 

Your Doctor needs to be relatively close to your home. The convenience of having a doctor close-by means you can get to appointments with ease. If you have small children you want to ensure getting to and from appointments is stress free (no one enjoys hauling sick children down hot streets) so consider proximity to the MRT, bus routes and also on site parking for those with cars.



2. Do you have medical insurance?

Many of the better GP Clinics can bill your insurance company directly. This means you can avoid the tedium of paying first and remembering to claim back. International Medical Clinic in one of the leading medical providers servicing the international community and enjoys Direct Billing agreements with over 45 insurers.



3. Are you looking for a Family Doctor? 

The quality of medical provision in Singapore is very high and consumers have a great choice. Consider the type of care you are looking for and ask around for recommendations. Remember, that the Doctor that works for your friend may not be the best fit for you and your family.  If you are looking for a Doctor that has international experience you may want to consider one of the more international-focused clinics.



4. Check qualifications and experience

Most quality GP clinics will have a website that lists all the Doctors and their bios. You will be able to see where they trained and what experience they have. You can use this as an indication of how much experience and in which countries. It is worth noting that the medical profession is very well regulated by the Singapore Medical Council.



5. Get a good vibe!

It’s vital you like and trust your doctor. Make sure you feel comfortable when you go to see him / her and if you don’t connect you are perfectly within your rights to try another doctor next time.



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