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The branch of dentistry specialising in children’s dentistry is known as Paediatric Dentistry. AtSmilefocus their goal from your child’s very first visit is to encourage a positive attitude towards dental care in you and your children, for life.


Your child’s first dental visit should be around their 1st birthday unless you notice a problem. Everything is smaller in their mouths and therefore special consideration is needed. It is important to begin good oral hygiene habits early and brushing should begin as soon as you see the first tooth. Be mindful that children have no preconceived ideas about visiting the dentist and have no reason to be fearful. (Parents take note: Keep your childhood trauma stories to yourselves.)


At Smilefocus, the children’s dentists have more than 35 years experience between them of treating children, including traumatised children and children with special needs. One such dentist is Dr Trevor Holcombe.


Dr Trevor Holcombe has more than thirty years’ experience as a dentist. He has spent the past twenty of those years dedicated to improving the oral health of children. In addition to his paediatric practice, Dr Holcombe was the Director of a large and extremely progressive public oral health unit.


Dr Holcombe was recently honoured as an Associate Professor with the University of Queensland for his collaborative work with the university through research and under and post-graduate student training. Dr Holcombe has published many research articles in leading scientific journals about children’s dental health, including research into the most effective way to examine the teeth of children to confirm the presence or absence of disease.


Dr Holcombe has a dedication and special interest in all facets of Children’s Dentistry especially Orthodontics and Oral Surgery.


Expat Insurance caught up with Dr Trevor Holcombe to ask the question “Why a dentist?”


After finishing high school I had a choice to study medicine, dentistry or engineering. After originally enrolling in engineering a friend of my brother, who was a dentist, recommended I reconsider. He was very convincing, sharing remarkable stories of work overseas and the incredible satisfaction you get from helping people with their smile. It can be life changing for them, and it was certainly life-changing for me. 37 years later and I still enjoy the challenges and patient contact, especially in Children’s Dentistry.”


Visiting the dentist should be a relaxed, and even a fun, experience, so Smilefocus created special areas for the kids where they can enjoy x-box games, TV, toys and books. The dentists’ rooms all have TVs to distract and entertain as well. Remember, regular visits to the dentist are important to encourage and reinforce life-long habits to maintain good dental health.


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