Seven Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Moved to Singapore

Kate helps out our marketing team and she has just finished her sixth year in Singapore. Since moving to Singapore, she has got married, had two children, held three different jobs and has almost filled up two passports. For all of the newbies to the Lion City, she has shared some things that she wished […]

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Employee Benefits Insurance Singapore

Protecting Your Employees = Protecting Your Business

What’s the secret to having good, loyal, hard-working employees? It can be hard to run a business when you don’t have a team that has your back. Protecting your employees actually protects your business and sets you up for success – and, when you hire the right ones, you really want to retain them as […]

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2019 is the year….!!

“2019 is the year I am going to sort my finances!” January is the month where we all kick start those new year’s resolutions. Whether that’s re-joining the gym, drinking less, trying a healthier diet or being better with money. Studies have shown that less than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions after […]

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About to Move or New to Singapore?

Me too! Myself and my fiancé recently relocated to Singapore from the UK and now I am working with Expat Insurance in the marketing team. As a newcomer myself, I thought it would be useful to give you some tips to help newbies settle into life in the Lion’s City. Before leaving home, make sure […]

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happy people

Why do I Need Any Insurance at all in Singapore?

Because sh*t happens, that’s why. Life insurance, medical insurance, critical illness cover. If you want to wear the grown-up pants, you’ve got to get these. Here’s a bunch of FAQ’s that we have put together to help you clarify why you need expat life insurance.

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single ladies

Single and Female: Do I Need Life Insurance in Singapore?

Female financial empowerment is happening ladies! It’s not just in pop culture, it’s real and it’s a ‘thing’! At Expat Insurance, we notice market trends and we certainly support all the movement toward female financial empowerment.  More women than ever before at taking charge of their financial futures – and we don’t just mean having […]

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