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Securing Life Insurance for First Time Buyers


Securing Life Insurance for First Time Buyers


If you’re looking to buy life insurance for the first time, you're probably asking yourself questions such as "How much do I need?" and "What kind of policy is best for me?”


Marc Bell, Life Insurance Consultant at Expat Insurance, explains his top tips when buying life Insurance for the very first time.


1. Understand why you need it.

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How much life insurance do you need?


How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?


Whether you have a new baby, a couple of teenagers, a dependant spouse or aging parent, or perhaps you are a single parent, Life Insurance is one of the most important purchases you should make.


Although it’s an unpleasant thought, have you considered what would happen to your family if you became critically ill or died? How would they manage financially?


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How To Alleviate Financial Risk As An Expat!


Medical Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE


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How to Select a Gem for Your Engagement Ring


Bon Jovi and Sheryl Crow both rocked it. Beyonce even sang and danced about it. We are of course talking about the engagement ring, and more importantly, the gemstone that sits atop. One of the most significant decisions in the life of someone planning a marriage proposal has got to be the engagement ring. After all, isn’t the final outcome of this very precious gift intended to weigh in favor of the proposer?

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10 Egg-cellent Reasons to Enjoy Eggs

Keeping it simple, while focusing on the positives
Eggs have certainly taken a battering in recent years; a few decades back we got ourselves into a right scramble on the cholesterol debate, but luckily that’s all now boiled over. OK, enough of the Egg-puns – let’s look at how egg-citing they actually are!
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Sundown Marathon 12 Week Training Program


What started out as an epiphany during a training run has become an inspiration for the entire Sundown Marathon concept: We train at night. Why don’t we race at night? For the past eight years, Sundown Marathon has inspired runners to push limits and break boundaries to achieve greatness. For the 9th edition of Sundown Marathon, the organisers are back bigger and better, with the same mission of pushing people to out do themselves and be truly, limitless.


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