Discover a Tropical Paradise in Redang, Malaysia


Discover a Tropical Paradise in Redang, Malaysia


Pulau Redang is a tropical island in Malaysia with palm-fringed beaches and beautiful coral reefs. The island is located in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia and also known as Paradise Island, due to the enchanting beauty of the island.


Redang Island is located in the protected marine area known as Terengganu Marine Park. There are several small islands surrounding Redang Island Malaysia.


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5 Facts about Singapore from an Expat Newbie!


5 Facts about Singapore


A newbie to Singapore, Expat Insurance’s marketing manager, Mathilde, speaks to us about her first 6 months in Singapore and offers her top tips for expats looking to make the move to the Lion City.





Where were you living before Singapore?

Prior to Singapore, my fiancé and I lived in Vancouver, and before that, Calgary (also in Canada).


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Term Life and Whole Life: The Differences!


Which Life Insurance Option Is Best For You?


When you realize that your family is expanding and it’s time to look into Life Insurance, the options can seem overwhelming! For many of us, the lingo and terms are unfamiliar and deciding on the best approach for your family can cause unnecessary stress and anguish. The reality is there are 2 main types of Life Insurance most families consider before purchasing.


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3 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance


3 Reasons To Buy Life Insurance


Whether you’re the household’s breadwinner, or you have mature aged parents that rely on you for financial support, having Life Insurance could be the difference between your loved ones struggling to make ends meet, and your family’s financial security should you become critically ill and unable to work, or god forbid, if you died unexpectedly.  


1. Family protection for loved ones:


How much life insurance do you need?


How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?


Whether you have a new baby, a couple of teenagers, a dependant spouse or aging parent, or perhaps you are a single parent, Life Insurance is one of the most important purchases you should make.


Although it’s an unpleasant thought, have you considered what would happen to your family if you became critically ill or died? How would they manage financially?


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