A healthy office is a productive one

Expat Insurance, together with Cigna, bring you all the things you need to know on Corporate Health and Wellness. On Thursday 19th September, we will be hosting at event at Sofitel Singapore City Centre from 8.30am – 10.30am. This interactive session for curious HR Managers or Business Leader is moderated by wellbeing thought leader, Mark…

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Medical Insurance in Singapore

What do I need to know about health insurance in Singapore?

Last month the Mercer Marsh Medical Trends report was released and it estimated that the medical trend rate (the index used to calculate medical inflation) would go up past 10% while inflation on goods and services around the rest of the country would come in at around 1.5%. What does this mean for you? Unfortunately,…

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Having a baby & maternity insurance in Singapore

Six Things That You Did Not Know about Maternity Insurance in Singapore

A little while ago we wrote a piece about how much it costs to have a baby in Singapore (spoiler alert – it’s not cheap!) and we just want to make sure that none of our clients are caught without maternity insurance. We’ve had a look at the biggest questions that our consultants get asked…

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Seven Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Moved to Singapore

Kate helps out our marketing team and she has just finished her sixth year in Singapore. Since moving to Singapore, she has got married, had two children, held three different jobs and has almost filled up two passports. For all of the newbies to the Lion City, she has shared some things that she wished…

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Living room insured for home and content insurance

Why do I Need Home and Contents Insurance in Singapore?

One of the many perks of being in Singapore is the low crime rate. Leaving your door unlocked and allowing your children to catch public transport to school on their own is cited by many as what they love about living here. So why does anyone need home and contents insurance while they are living…

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Expat advice on travel insurance singapore

Top 10 Things That You Need to Know About Travel Insurance in Singapore.

It’s July, the schools have broken up, and despite the constant heat, it seems as if everyone is heading off for ‘the summer’. One of the amazing things about being an international living in Singapore is the travel. With access to so many incredible destinations, filling up your passport with stamps doesn’t take long. It…

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Wellbeing Week and Staying Healthy

Seven things that you can do for World Wellbeing Week

Monday the 24th of June to Friday the 28th of June is World Wellbeing Week. This week is all about highlighting awareness for the various factors that work together to promote overall wellness in individuals and the community as whole. The team at Expat Insurance want to makes sure that you and your family stay…

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Do I need relocation insurance when I leave Singapore?

It’s coming up to July and if you have been in Singapore a while, you know it means that for many, it’s time to leave. It’s either time to return home, or time to go on to a new, exciting adventure. If you are leaving the Red Dot for good, you need to look at…

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Men keeping fit by Running

What Can I Do for Men’s Health Week This Year?

This week is Men’s Health Week and Expat Insurance wants to make sure that all of the guys that we look after stay as happy and as healthy as possible while they are living in Singapore. This week, we are going to run some stats that are important for men to know. The Men’s Health…

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What insurance do I need for my small business in Singapore?

So, you have just started a small business here in Singapore. Your business has been registered (Congratulations! That’s the hard bit!) and you need to get all of the details in place. The team at Expat Insurance in Singapore is here to help you through the next tricky bit, getting the right business insurance in…

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