Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Insurance in Post-Pandemic Singapore

Employee Benefits Insurance in Post-Pandemic Singapore

2021 brings with it unique and unprecedented challenges for organisations globally, across a myriad of industries. Organisations are faced with the task of policy-making, restructuring, ...

3 Things To Consider When Buying Group Health Insurance

What is group health insurance? Simply put, group health insurance provides health cover to a group of individuals - more often than not, this applies ...
Employee Health Insurance in Singapore- What do employers need to know

Employee Health Insurance in Singapore: What do employers need to know?

Employee health insurance is a common inclusion in most, if not all, benefits and compensation packages offered by companies in Singapore. Employee benefits are additional ...

10% discount on Group Health Insurance until 31st July*

The impact of COVID-19 has meant that many companies and in particular SMEs are now facing financial concerns and uncertainty. However, it is hugely important ...
WFH During Covid2019- Safeguarding Employees' Mental Health

WFH During Covid2019: Safeguarding Employees’ Mental Health

The work-from-home model is one of the many topics that have come up in discussions centred on the future of work. However, the rapid spread ...

Should Corporate Wellness be included in my Employee Benefits business plan?

When you are starting a small business, getting wellness included as part of your Group Health Insurance might not even be on your radar. Providing ...


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