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WFH During Covid2019- Safeguarding Employees' Mental Health

WFH During Covid2019: Safeguarding Employees’ Mental Health

The work-from-home model is one of the many topics that have come up in discussions centred on the future of work. However, the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak has compelled millions of people around the world to work from home indeterminately – an action mandated by governments both in Singapore and other countries to […]

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Should Corporate Wellness be included in my Employee Benefits business plan?

When you are starting a small business, getting wellness included as part of your Group Health Insurance might not even be on your radar. Providing wellness program health insurance is becoming a rising trend amongst employers and is fast becoming embedded in company culture. This is something that you can’t afford to ignore as part […]

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Small Business Series – In the spotlight Imad Baatiche

We hear so much about Well-Being and Wellness these days so Imad Baatiche, Head of Employee Benefits has answered some key questions we get asked all the time. At Expat Insurance we believe, a healthy office is a more productive office so don’t forget to think about Corporate Wellness within your business. What trends can […]

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Getting your employees insurance in Singapore

When you start a small business, providing employee benefit health insurance is not at the top of your To-Do List. But it’s important to be proactive and provide group insurance in Singapore for your growing workforce. The health of your people is crucial to your success. What are some of the barriers that you might […]

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Small Business Series – In the spotlight with Imad Baatiche

As part of our Small Business Series, we wanted you to be fully equipped with all the information you need to run your business. Imad, Head of Employee Benefits has a wealth of experience making sure employees are protected from potential risk! Here he answers some questions which can help any business who is looking […]

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Declaring Pre-Existing Conditions For Employee Medical Insurance

As an expat employee living and working in Singapore, you may receive an employee benefit and wellness based plan that includes medical insurance. When you go about insuring your health and wellness with an insurance plan in Singapore, it is pivotal for you to inform your broker and insurer of any pre-existing medical conditions that […]

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