I have PCOS. What is it?

  Are you living in Singapore and do you have PCOS? This can be a really difficult condition to live with and having a robust expat health insurance package while you are living in Singapore can definitely help make your journey with PCOS a lot easier. If you have any questions about PCOS or infertility,…

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pregnancy insurance

Do I Need Maternity Insurance?

Do you need some help finding out about maternity insurance in Singapore? Kate is our Marketing Manager at Expat Insurance and she is 20 weeks pregnant with her second baby. She has Singapore based maternity insurance for her pregnancy this time, but did not have it for her first baby. Here is her story on…

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10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Move to Singapore Easy

Are you moving to Singapore? We have put together a list of 10 things that you can tick off your list to make life easier when you arrive. 1 –  Before you leave home, take out some travel insurance to cover you until you have health insurance sorted out here. If your future employer has…

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riding a motorcycle

Do I need a license to drive a scooter in Asia?

Do you need to get a license if you are going to hire a motorcycle on your travels? Short answer is ‘Yes. Definitely.’ Destinations like Bali, Thailand and Vietnam are all too regular haunts of the Singapore expat set. How many times have you traveled to these places without travel insurance and how many times…

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happy woman

How do I keep my health insurance premiums down? Get regular screening and stay healthy!

Everyone who has expat health insurance in Singapore can understand the yearly dread of premiums going up at renewal. Expat Insurance tries to work with providers to offer as many solutions as possible to our clients and to keep our premiums as low as possible. Health insurance providers in Singapore are now beginning to reward…

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Using Protection this Valentine’s Day: Getting your engagement ring insured in Singapore

So – Valentine’s Day is coming up and plans are afoot to crank up the dial on the romance. Before you let those butterflies and endorphins  sweep you off your feet, we are going to play grown-ups for second here and have a chat about using protection. That’s right – get that commitment rock covered.

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pregnant woman

I’m Already Pregnant, Can I get Insurance in Singapore?

‘I’M PREGNANT!’ Congratulations, Mama! Have you checked your Singapore maternity insurance? Do you even HAVE pregnancy insurance in Singapore? We know the first thing that most pregnant women think about is ‘Will my baby be OK?’ or ‘How do I ensure that there is suitable health coverage for me and my child?’

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happy people

Why do I Need Any Insurance at all in Singapore?

Because sh*t happens, that’s why. Life insurance, medical insurance, critical illness cover. If you want to wear the grown-up pants, you’ve got to get these. Here’s a bunch of FAQ’s that we have put together to help you clarify why you need expat life insurance.

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single ladies

Single and Female: Do I Need Life Insurance in Singapore?

Female financial empowerment is happening ladies! It’s not just in pop culture, it’s real and it’s a ‘thing’! At Expat Insurance, we notice market trends and we certainly support all the movement toward female financial empowerment.  More women than ever before at taking charge of their financial futures – and we don’t just mean having…

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Critical Illness

The Big C: Cancer and why you need Critical Illness Cover

The Big C. No one likes talking about it, yet we are all affected by it either directly or indirectly.  Cancer is possibly one of the most common critical illnesses we encounter and worldwide, the rate of diagnoses is expected to rise by 50% by 2030. With this in mind, while cancer used to be…

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