Can I Get Stand Alone Cover For My Baby From Birth?

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No you can’t get a stand alone cover for your baby from birth unless you take out medical insurance for yourself. Insurers recognize that the vulnerability of newborns is typically within their first month and therefore newborn babies represent a much higher risk. If you want coverage to respond in the early days, you yourself need to be insured first to receive the benefit of a policy responding immediately following birth of your little one.

Of course the fact that a lot of babes need a little extra care and pediatric attention or spend time in neo-natal ICU for even minor matters like jaundice drives an insurer’s concerns when it comes to the risk. Daily visits back to the doctor to check levels in the early days which after 2 weeks you could still be going back up to 3 times per week until jaundice levels return to normal…talk about the expense of those ongoing visits!

Doctors and new parents are ultra-conservative which drives the cost of care for newborns very high. The best way to protect against this is to insure yourself now and then add your baby once arrived. Of course you need to weigh the risks and rewards given the added cost to insure you. At Expat Insurance, we have seen clients bills exceed $180,000 in the first 30 days for extreme cases. Even in routine delivery, typically the bills for baby will exceed $2,000 just for the routine care immediately following birth while in hospital 3-4 days. If we can help you welcome your baby to the world with a policy that responds, just let us know. We are here for you.
Having evaluated the numerous products available in the Singapore market, Expat Insurance has identified those that offer the broadest coverage, catering to the unique needs of expatriates.
Expat Insurance is registered as an independent insurance broker with MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).  We work directly for our clients, so when you engage our brokerage we focus on your needs and understanding your family’s needs before recommending appropriate products and solutions in the market.  We are licensed to work with all carriers regulated in Singapore, so you have access to a wide range of products.  Our job is to take great care of you and your family to ensure you get the best value for money coverage available.

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