Business Insurance in Singapore

Business insurance is pivotal in protecting your business from any unforeseen costs associated with property damage or liability claims. With business insurance, you are safeguarded from paying out-of-the-pocket expenses for incidents incurred.

Some scenarios may warrant a higher expense than others. Instead of taking a risk that may financially jeopardise your business, acquiring business insurance can offer protection and keep your organisation healthy in the long run.

What are the compulsory business insurance plans your firm needs? Are there other additional coverage options you should consider for your business? What are the right prices to pay for general business insurance plans? What about the more specific plans? Mapping your corporate insurance needs internally can be challenging.

The Expat Insurance team is on hand to help companies, both large or small, manage business insurance solutions.

Once we have listened and gained an understanding of your business needs and requirements, we can provide you with the best advice on the right levels of protection and the best business insurance plans and packages in the market for you, both in terms of cost and coverage.

Different Types of Business Insurance Plans

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance is an important type of business insurance, especially for businesses that give advice or provide a professional service to clients. It can cover compensation claims if a business is sued by a client for making a mistake that leads to financial loss.

Directors & Officers

Directors and Officers Insurance (D & O Insurance) protects the personal liability of the head of a company against alleged misconduct as a key decision maker running a company.

Workers Injury

There are a few reasons why you would need to take up a work injury compensation insurance plan here in Singapore. Under the Workers Injury Compensation Act, it is compulsory for employers to provide insurance protection for their employees.

Cyber Risk

A cyber risk can be classified as an infringement of data / or systems. Companies can often stay vulnerable to cyber attacks given their limited resources. Protecting data is not just recommended for the business. It is equally important for companies to adopt reasonable security arrangements to follow compliance with data protection laws and regulations. All companies are legally responsible to protect personal data in their possession.

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