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WFH with the Expat Insurance Singapore Team

We are looking down the barrel of the third week of the circuit breaker here in Singapore. These times mean different things for different people. Some of us are loving it! Some of us, not so much. The team at Expat Insurance Singapore are no different. They are doing their best with what they’ve got […]

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Dealing With The Coronavirus Anxiety- Health, Wellness & Insurance in Singapore

Dealing With The Coronavirus Anxiety: Health, Wellness Insurance in Singapore

Is the coronavirus outbreak making you anxious? You are not alone. Like the rest of the world, many of us have been spending countless hours at home – working remotely, managing familial duties and our own concerns surrounding the development of this virus.  As you may have noticed, stricter measures have been implemented with the […]

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Coronavirus- Health & Wellness Insurance Coverage in Singapore

Coronavirus: Health & Wellness Insurance Coverage in Singapore

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China, known as Covid-2019, is raising global concern among individuals and businesses alike. South Korea has seen a surge in cases, totalling approximately 5,000 cases while Iran, on the other hand, has 210 deaths so far. With cases surpassing 90,000 globally, it comes as no surprise that companies […]

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Employee Benefits

WFH During Covid2019- Safeguarding Employees' Mental Health

WFH During Covid2019: Safeguarding Employees’ Mental Health

The work-from-home model is one of the many topics that have come up in discussions centred on the future of work. However, the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak has compelled millions of people around the world to work from home indeterminately – an action mandated by governments both in Singapore and other countries to […]

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Should Corporate Wellness be included in my Employee Benefits business plan?

When you are starting a small business, getting wellness included as part of your Group Health Insurance might not even be on your radar. Providing wellness program health insurance is becoming a rising trend amongst employers and is fast becoming embedded in company culture. This is something that you can’t afford to ignore as part […]

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Small Businesses (SMEs)- Guide To Insurance & Support During Covid-2019

Small Businesses (SMEs): Guide To Insurance & Support During Covid-2019

Over time, we are seeing record high numbers of infections and deaths as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The worsening outbreak is taking a devastating toll on countless individuals and the communities they live in.  Lockdown and circuit breaker measures have not only created social isolation problems but also affected the livelihoods of numerous […]

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Small Business Series – Episode 1 Business Protection

Let’s Think Differently About Small Business Insurance  To provide business protection for your SME, you need to think differently. When you start a new business, getting an SME insurance package is probably not the first thing on your mind. This mindset needs to change. We live in a hyper connected world where everyone’s data is […]

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Busting some myths on cancer insurance in Singapore.

It’s been a while since we did a piece on cancer and critical illness insurance. Heading into 2020, we thought it was time to talk about ‘The Big C’ again. There are a few myths that need busting when it comes to cancer and critical illness insurance. Let’s take a look at what they are! […]

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How do I know if I have Enough Life Insurance in Singapore?

Have you taken the time to sit down and plan how much money your family would need if you or your partner were no longer able to do their job? Being an expat and living away from your usual support networks means that you need to be a bit more thoughtful about your life planning. […]

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Home & Contents

Living room insured for home and content insurance

Why do I Need Home and Contents Insurance in Singapore?

One of the many perks of being in Singapore is the low crime rate. Leaving your door unlocked and allowing your children to catch public transport to school on their own is cited by many as what they love about living here. So why does anyone need home and contents insurance while they are living […]

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Do I need relocation insurance when I leave Singapore?

It’s coming up to July and if you have been in Singapore a while, you know it means that for many, it’s time to leave. It’s either time to return home, or time to go on to a new, exciting adventure. If you are leaving the Red Dot for good, you need to look at […]

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Travel and the Coronavirus Pandemic- What Do You Need To Know?

Travel and the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Do You Need To Know?

We are living in uncertain times. The Covid-2019 pandemic has impacted our lives remarkably, compelling us to change the ways in which we live, work and play. Plans are being canceled, work schedules are put on rotational shifts of work-from-home plans and people are living in social isolation for fear of increasing the probabilities of […]

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Expat advice on travel insurance singapore

Top 10 Things That You Need to Know About Travel Insurance in Singapore.

It’s July, the schools have broken up, and despite the constant heat, it seems as if everyone is heading off for ‘the summer’. One of the amazing things about being an international living in Singapore is the travel. With access to so many incredible destinations, filling up your passport with stamps doesn’t take long. It […]

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The Expat Insurance Team – Working From Home – Part Three

The Expat Insurance Singapore team have been sharing the perks and the not so perky aspects of working from home. Just like everyone else, they have been doing what they can from home. If you have any questions about your expat health cover at this time, please do not hesitate to contact any one of […]

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WFH with the Expat Insurance Singapore Team – Part 2

In the spirit of being in this together, we thought that we would share some more WFH tales from our Expat Insurance Singapore team! As ever, if you need anything or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We hope that everyone is keeping well! #Sgunited Stef – […]

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