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6 Facts About Nutrition That Will Impress Your Friends


For those in the executive world trying to live with healthy eating habits, you’re not alone. A lot of executives these days focus on healthy eating and exercising, but with so much information out there today, there are a lot of facts that you or your peers might not know, that can simplify a few things for you. The next time you engage in a conversation with other friends or coworkers who share your interest in leading a healthy life, you can bring up one of these nutrition facts to try and impress them with something they didn’t know before!


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5 Facts about Stress That’ll Keep You Up At Night


Stress is one of the primary reasons why many of us find it hard to get a sound, comforting sleep. The best way to deal with stress is to face it, and then find a solution to overcome it. Get a pen and paper; write down what is making you anxious, angry, frustrated and stressed-out. You could even choose to discuss this list with a close friend. The nature of the problem causing such stress could be your boss or colleagues at the office, a family member at home, financial worries or strained relationships.


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What To Expect From Menopause


What is Menopause?


Menopause is defined as the absence of periods for 12 months. It marks the time in a woman’s life when the function of the ovaries ceases.


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Where Did Zika Come From?


The first human case was detected in Nigeria in 1954 and there have been further outbreaks in Africa, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Most outbreaks were small and Zika has not previously been considered a major threat to human health.

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Sundown Marathon 12 Week Training Program


What started out as an epiphany during a training run has become an inspiration for the entire Sundown Marathon concept: We train at night. Why don’t we race at night? For the past eight years, Sundown Marathon has inspired runners to push limits and break boundaries to achieve greatness. For the 9th edition of Sundown Marathon, the organisers are back bigger and better, with the same mission of pushing people to out do themselves and be truly, limitless.


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Critical Illness Cover For Expats


Most Medical Insurance offers limited coverage for Critical Illness and cancers. Even some of the best Private and Company Medical Plan benefits fall short of most people’s needs for long-term care and recovery. Typically, Medical Insurance policies provide only $10,000-$30,000 for Cancer treatment though the costs can easily reach $100,000 to $250,000


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5 Amazingly Simple Steps For Better Nutrition


As you climb the corporate ladder the deadlines become tighter, so does the belt around your waistline. The inner voice that prompts you to eat healthier food becomes harder to ignore. Sadly, most people procrastinate because they don’t know where to start.


Here are five tips from ExecFuel that will help you transit from eating an unhealthy diet, to following a nutritionally rich one.


Healthy vs. Tasty Debacle


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Three Reminders About Expat Health Insurance


Medical Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE
According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health, the number one reason for hospital admittance is accidents (, and unexpected treatment does not come cheap.

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